ClickDimensions Lifecycle Support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0

Note: Microsoft ended mainstream support for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 on April 9, 2013.

ClickDimensions ending support for upgrades from Microsoft CRM 4.0 to CRM 2011+

ClickDimensions will end technical support for customers who have ClickDimensions installed in CRM 4.0 and are upgrading to CRM 2011+ on December 31 2015. Microsoft did not provide a supported manner to upgrade ISV customizations from the CRM 4.0 customization model to the “solution” model introduced in CRM 2011. ClickDimensions recommends uninstalling the ClickDimensions CRM 4.0 customizations prior to upgrading CRM to 2011 or newer.

Important note about uninstalling ClickDimensions from CRM 4.0: The recommendation to CRM 4.0 customers who are upgrading to CRM 2011 or newer and who have ClickDimensions installed in CRM 4.0 already, is to backup relevant data (including record GUIDs and all fields on ClickDimensions entities) and to delete the ClickDimensions customizations, (note that deleting the custom entities will delete the data contained in those entities) and then to perform the upgrade to CRM 2011+. ClickDimensions support will provide a new solution file for the upgraded environment, and the customer will be responsible for importing any data that was backed up in CRM 4.0, including record GUIDs to the upgraded environment. In order to retain access to email templates, forms, surveys, landing pages, form fields, survey questions, etc., that were created in CRM 4.0, the customer must import into the upgraded environment the ClickDimensions records, along with GUIDs and data from all fields.

ClickDimensions ending technical support for the ClickDimensions product in Microsoft CRM 4.0

ClickDimensions will end technical support for customers using ClickDimensions in Microsoft CRM 4.0 on December 31 2016. Customers may opt to continue using ClickDimensions in CRM 4.0 after this date, but will not receive technical support from ClickDimensions beyond this date.

Questions: Please post a support request if you have any questions about this notice.

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