Release Notes Version 8.7

8.7.0 [June 2017]

US Data Center: Instant Update/Cloud - June 04, 2017; Solution - June 05, 2017

Note: this version is currently only available in the US data center. All other regions are scheduled to be available on June 25. We will update here when those updates are completed.

Note: Not all features are available for all versions of CRM.

For instructions on how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 


IMPORTANT NOTICE: We are now beginning to sunset the Nurture Program feature. As the first step, we are not going to include this in the ClickDimensions solution file as of version 8.7. This is to ensure that any new customers never see Nurture Programs. It also means:

  1. Nurture Programs will be removed from your navigation
  2. The security privileges on all ClickDimensions security roles will be removed for Nurtures
  3. The Run Nurture button in the contact and lead entity will be removed

You can add Nurture programs back to your navigation, and give people privileges to see and edit nurtures. The Run Nurture button cannot be added back. See this help article for instructions and more details if you are still using Nurtures. If you do not use Nurtures, do not worry about this at all. Everyone is highly encouraged to check out Campaign Automations if you haven’t already.


  New Feature Campaign Automation: Email Statistics

Now you can see how your automated emails perform. All your familiar email statistics will appear in the Statistics tab including Open Rate, Click Rate, and a break down of your recipients.

Instant Update
  New Feature Campaign Automation: Series Optional It is no longer mandatory to use a Series block in order to add Actions and Timers to the Automation. You can simply drag them from the side panel to the main canvas. You can still use a series block, but it's only optional. Instant Update
  New Feature Surveys & Email Sends

If there is a direct link to a survey in an email, you will now be able to see how many were submitted as a result of that email. All of those Posted Survey records will be associated to the Email Send record and you’ll be able to see the overall numbers in the Email Statistics window on the Conversions tab!

Requires solution 8.6+. Available for CRM 2013+ only.

Instant Update


  Improvement Campaign Automations

The views have been updated to include more useful column information. You will now be able to see the status, the number of completed instances, and the campaign it is associated with.

Available for CRM 2013+ only.

Requires Solution Update
  Improvement ClickDimensions Import

The ClickDimensions Import button on the Marketing List and Event entities now has privilege options on it. You will need the Create privilege for ClickDimensions Import to see this button.

Available for CRM 2013+ only.

Requires Solution Update
  Improvement Email Send

The Error view has now been updated to include the following Status Reasons: Error, Error Recovery, Recovery Stopped. This will help keep better track of your Email Sends that do not progress.

Available for CRM 2013+ only.

Requires Solution Update
  Improvement Import/Export

You can import and export Email Templates, Domains, and Form Fields from one environment to another. Now you can do this across different regions. This is great news for partners who can now export these records from one of their environments and into a customer’s environment.

Instant Update


We will continue to update with more bug fixes as we double confirm they are resolved.

  Bug Fix 92114 Campaign Automations Conditions could not be set within a Negative Path's Decision Node. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 93164 Campaign Automations Adjusting a Date Timer's start date would cause the days selected in the "Restrict to specific days and/or hours" section to be changed. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 93884 Customization There was an unnecessary cdi_throttle field in the Execute Send entity. Requires Solution Update
  Bug Fix 90705 Email Statistics If there was an Excluded Email for a Lead/Contact with no name, the Excluded Emails export would fail. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 91284 Form Capture Form Capture redirect URLs would not update in the cloud storage when changed in CRM. Requires Solution Update
  Bug Fix 81590 Inbox Preview The Inbox Preview's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ preview text size was too small. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 89414 Lookup Windows Lookup windows within ClickDimensions Editors and Builders would freeze for some customers. Requires Solution Update
  Bug Fix 87780 Split Test If "Use New Template" was selected the first time the Split Test Wizard was completed, reopening the wizard, selecting "Copy existing template from Strategy A", and clicking the Edit button would open the originally selected template. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 9268 Usage Statistics The usage statistics graph labels were not properly aligned. Instant Update


Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here. Security role updates are done for CRM 2013+ only and require a solution update.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
No Changes.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

No IP changes.

Plugin Changes

NuturePlugin was updated with an if statement that checks if the environment has nurtures, if so the step runs, if not the step does not run.

AddMemberListPlugin was updated with an if statement that checks if the environment has nurtures, if so the step runs, if not the step does not run.

RemoveMemberListPlugin was updated with an if statement that checks if the environment has nurtures, if so the step runs, if not the step does not run.


8.7.1 [June 2017]

US Data Center: Solution - June 12, 2017

  Bug Fix 94719 Marketing List Adding someone to a marketing list after updating to 8.7.0 would cause a plugin error if you did not have the system administrator role.  Requires Solution Update

Plugin Changes

AddMemberListPlugin was updated.

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