Resolved - EU Email Send Delays

Update: 2pm UTC 6/8/2017

Our operations team was able to identify a residual communication issue with our email service and resolved at approximately 8pm UTC 6/8.  We have continued to monitor and test through the night seeing stability in EU email sends.  Please contact our support team if you have any questions on a sends status from either 11-12pm or 7-8pm UTC yesterday 6/6.  

Update: (7pm UTC 6/7/2017) We are replicating and receiving alerts that EU send delays are reoccurring.  Our operations team is looking into this as a critical issue.  

Update: Our testing has confirmed that EU Email Sends are sending as expected at this point. Our Operations Team identified and resolved an issue with one of our email services. Should you continue to experience delays with email sends, please let our Support Team know.

Region: EU

Feature: Emails

Impact: We are receiving reports of delays with EU emails going out. Our Operations Team is working to resolve urgently and we will post back here as more updates are available.  

Reported: 12pm 6/7/2017 UTC

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