What firewall changes are needed to allow ClickDimensions proper access to your CRM On-Premise deployment?

Many corporate firewalls restrict communication with web services by IP addresses and ports through the use of firewalls, proxies and other security mechanisms. This can cause ClickDimensions and CRM to be unable to communicate.

The ClickDimensions application is hosted in Microsoft Azure, a secure, reliable hosted compute platform in Microsoft data centers.

The following information should be helpful to a network administrator in order to make the configurations needed to permit the ClickDimensions service to communicate with Dynamics CRM. ClickDimensions and your CRM system require two-way communication.

Service Description US Data Center EU Data Center AU Data Center
ClickDimensions Plugins running in CRM will post OUT to:
Application pages are hosted on: (this includes items such as email template designersform builder, etc. that users will access)

The following IP addresses are ClickDimensions service endpoints in Azure that will post data and queries IN to CRM*

InboxCast Processing, RSS to Email
Processing of Email Sends
Web Analytics and Forms (In red are new Dec 2017)
SMS Service
Email Statistics (Email Events)
Profile Management
Event Connectors (GoToWebinar, WebEx, Eventbrite, Cvent)
Nurture Programs
Social Profiles and other UI elements (Email and Web Content Editors)
Import Tool
Campaign Automation Builder
Power BI Content Pack
Campaign Automation Email Distributer*
Drag & Drop Editor 2.0 (beta)


(Please note that these IP addresses are subject to change as we work to bring new features and performance to the clickdimensions solution. We strive to minimize changes and additions to these IP addresses, but occasional changes may be necessary to support new features and performance enhancements. If you restrict access to your CRM based on these IP addresses, please regularly check this article for updates.)

*Customers using the SBRC do not need to permit inbound communication from these IP addresses to CRM.

Data Center:

When you register for the ClickDimensions solution, your account will be associated with either the US data center, the EU data center, or the AU data center, depending on which you specify during the registration process. You only need to permit access to your CRM from the IP addresses in your associated data center.


The ClickDimensions application pages (email template designers, form designers, etc.) are hosted on Azure using HTTPS/SSL (standard port 443). The ClickDimensions services that need to query CRM or sync data to CRM can communicate with your CRM using any port you specify during the registration of your CRM on our registration page. If your CRM is configured to be accessed externally via standard or custom ports, just be sure to include the port number in the CRM URL section of the registration page.


Networks with proxies that require authentication from the CRM server to the internet are not supported and can prevent ClickDimensions plugins from working correctly. This is because the ClickDimensions plugins that will post out to our application URL do not have a way to provide credentials to the proxy service. The outgoing request to our API will not supply proxy authentication credentials and may ultimately fail.  In order to circumvent this issue you will need to add the above application URLs (first row based on the data center of your account) to the Proxy Bypass List.

Email Server IP addresses:

See this article for a complete list of the IP addresses used for sending ClickDimensions email.

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