Notify a User When a Target Lead Score is Reached

Does your business choose to pursue or qualify a lead after they have accumulated a specific score? If so, you can have notification emails sent to you whenever a lead reaches or surpasses the specified score using the following method.

Add a "Score Reached" field to your lead record

First we will need to add a custom field to the lead record that will be marked to prevent the workflow from sending a notification email every time the lead's score increases after reaching the desired score and also to let anybody that looks at the record know that the appropriate user has been notified of the lead's score.

First open a lead record, then click on the Form Editor tab and in the Lead's More Commands Menu.


In the Form Editor window, click the New Field button in the bottom right corner of the editor.


Create a Two Options type field like the one seen below, then save and close the record.


While still in the Form Editor for the Lead, find the new field you made in the Field Explorer on the right, then drag and drop it where you want it on your lead record. Save, then Publish.

Note: If you do not want to display this field, you can skip this step and everything will still work.


Create a workflow

Next create the workflow to monitor the lead score and send the notification email. Create a new workflow based upon the lead entity, then set it up as seen in the screenshot below.


The workflow runs when the lead's total score field is updated. It first checks to see if a lead's score equals or has surpassed 100 (100 is an arbitrary value; you can select whichever value you want here). Next it checks to determine if the new Score Reached field is not set to yes, and if it is not, an email will be sent to a specified user. After the email is sent, the Score Reached field will be set to Yes so more emails will not be sent to the user every time the score is updated again in the future.


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