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You will see the screen below if you choose a layout in the Block Editor with a text component. The buttons in this window are described below.

NOTE: If you chose the HTML layout, the window will be different.




Social Sharing: Opens the dialog to insert social sharing icons for the recipients to share on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Google+. Learn more here.

Profile Forms: Opens a list of previously created Forms. This is a link that will have the fields prepopulated with the Lead/Contact's information from CRM and is meant to update their Record. Click here to learn how to set this up.

Landing Pages: Opens a list of previously created Landing Pages so that you can insert the link to those pages. Click here for more on creating Landing Pages.

Surveys: Opens a list of previously created Surveys so that you can insert the link to those surveys. Click here for more on creating Surveys.

Subscription: Opens a list of previously created Subscription Management Pages so that you can insert the link to Subscription Preferences. Click here for more on creating Subscription Lists.

Paste as Plain Text: Use this when pasting text into the editor to avoid any hidden HTML that may cause weird spacing and such.

Horizontal Rule: Adds a line where you cursor is placed.

Insert Code Snippets: Insert the links for viewers to see the email in a browser window and for them to be able to unsubscribe. To see how to use the snippets click here.

Spell Check: After inserting the content of the email, use the spell check to make sure the spelling is correct.

Insert Symbol: Click to insert a symbol.


Hyperlink Manager: Select an image or highlight text and press this button to hyperlink it. To see how this is done click here.

Remove Link: Select an image or text that is hyperlinked and press this button to unlink it.

Dynamic Personalization Menus: These drop down menus allow you to place any field in a sender, lead, contact, or account record dynamically into an email. To learn more about Dynamic Content click here.  


Design Tab: This is our WYSIWYG editor. You are able to edit the design without having to code HTML

HTML Tab: Shows the HTML behind the design. In this view you can edit the HTML or paste HTML code.

Preview Tab: This view shows what the email will look like in the browser/email client.

Feature Added: Feb 2012
Feature Updated: Mar 2015
ClickDimensions Version Need: 3.3.0
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