Why is my data not prepopulating?

When you create an Email Send and choose an Email Template, are the Subject and Editor Type not automatically being filled? This means that the domain that you are using when you access CRM is different from the one that you were on when you registered your ClickDimensions. This can be fixed in a few steps. In Internet Explorer Options go to Security > Trusted Sites and make sure these sites are added:

  1. https://*

  2. The domain of the link that it shows in  the CRM window when you're in the main area of CRM

  3. And the domain you registered with, which you can find by going to Settings > Customizations > Customize the System > Web Resources. Open Email Send Jscript and get the domain from the URL field:


Save those Trusted Sites and close that window

Then you need to mark one more field in IE Options. Click on Custom Level. Then scroll down to Miscellaneous and select Enable.


Now just restart Internet Explorer.

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