How Do I Keep My Email Out of Spam Filters?

Email marketing is a bit like an arms race: ISPs and mail providers want to keep unsolicited and dangerous email out of their customers' inboxes, and marketers want to get their message to their opted-in audience quickly and en masse. This can often lead to an audience missing emails that they want due to an overactive spam filter. Here are some tips to get your email to your audience:

  1. Practice permission-based email marketing. Start by making sure you are talking to the right audience and that they actually want to receive your email. If they don't want it, and it gets caught in their spam filter, then the spam filter is doing its job!

  2. Ask your audience to add you to their "Safe Senders" list. Most email applications have a way to add a sender to a whitelist or a safe senders list to ensure that future emails don't get filtered out. If your audience wants your communications they're more likely to add you to their safe senders list. So ask them!

  3. Send timely, relevant content. When writing your marketing communications, avoid gimmicky language (words and phrases like "discount", "act now", or "special offer" are dead giveaways!). Instead, be informative and add value. Offer your audience a reason to read your communications and engage.

  4. Stay in touch. Once you've gained someone's permission to communicate with them, keep the channels open - don't blast them with a dozen emails on day one and then send them nothing for six months. Keep your communication levels consistent.

  5. Provide a way to opt-out. ClickDimensions enables marketers to include unsubscribe links or subscription preference links in their emails. Always include these in your emails.

  6. Use the Test button before sending to see how your email rates. ClickDimensions performs some checks via the "Test" button on an Email Send. These tests will give you a good idea of how your email might be perceived by spam filters.

  7. Create an SPF record. SPF records are a way to tell ISPs that ClickDimensions is authorized to send email for you. GMail and many other mail services and spam filters will check a domain's SPF record as one of the many factors used in judging if an email is spam or not. Read here for instructions on creating an SPF record.

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