Import failure when using a non-English base CRM deployment or an existing Starter kit has been installed

In some non-English base deployments of CRM, importing the ClickDimensions solution will fail. The source of this issue stems from a underlying Microsoft CRM label problem resulting in duplicate entries. Not all non-English language deployments will experience the problem. Additionally, some deployments contain Starter kits that augment certain customizations.  There is potential that those changes can also create the duplicate label issue, even in a English base CRM deployment.  Any imported customization that will change the contact, lead, or opportunity entities in a similar way (to ClickDimensions) will experience the same error when either of the above mentioned scenarios exists. Microsoft has been informed of this bug, but they have not released an ETA when it will be fixed.

To determine if the ClickDimensions solution import failure is actually caused by the duplicate label issue, you must search the resulting XML file from the failed import. The error that will be generated will resemble:

Violation of UNIQUE KEY constraint 'UQ_LocalizedLabelCheck'. Cannot insert duplicate key in object 'MetadataSchema.LocalizedLabel'. The statement has been terminated

We ask that you contact Microsoft Dynamics support first so they can assist you in resolving this issue so our solution will import successfully. You can also try installing an English MUI pack or if possible using an English CRM deployment

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