Generic SQL error message thrown in ClickDimensions solution

In some cases, CRM will throw a "Generic SQL Error" message related to ClickDimensions functions.  These errors are not related to the solution itself but are more likely the result of an existing issue within your CRM deployment occurring at the SQL Server. Generic SQL Errors usually crop up when the SQL Server is under-optimized, and can cause failed system jobs, such as plugin execution. (Often the first symptom of this that a user notices is that an Email Send's statistics are not updating, or gets an error pop-up about a failed plugin.)

Common causes for these issues include missing or highly-fragmented indexes on the tables in the SQL Server.

Here are some options you can take to investigate the root cause:

  1. Check out this article on identifying if SQL Server could use some maintenance:

  2. Enable CRM tracing  - This option may provide you more information on the source of the issue, but in most instances you will just see a repeat of the same vague error that appear during the import.

  3. Run SQL Profiler - This will be the most useful tool to determine the source of the issue given that the source of the problem is likely related to a SQL object with one of the CRM databases.

  4. Contact your CRM partner or Microsoft Dynamics CRM Support - For many of our customers that do not have the technical resources in-house or use CRM Online this is the most viable option.

Other helpful resources for understanding and troubleshooting Generic SQL Errors in CRM:

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