ClickDimensions and Google Analytics Tracking Scripts

Many people use both ClickDimensions tracking code and Google Analytics code. We do it too. There is a newer version of Google Analytics code described in their article here:

If you use this version and our code, your Google Analytics will not work. This is due to a conflict in our codes. Google states in their article that their 'ga' variable might conflict with other objects, and we have found that it does. They offer a suggested workaround, described below, that is simple to implement. We are working to see what we can do to prevent this conflict, but until then, Google's recommendation is as follows:

There are three instances of "ga" in this Google Analytics code, if you change that variable to something else like '_gaTracker' it will work.


You can see this is explained in the same article linked above. There is a section called "Renaming the Global Object" that explains that this is okay to change this variable.

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