Drag and Drop Editor: Hover Menu - Lock, Clone, and Delete Blocks

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Written Instructions

There are three additional options when you hover over a block in the Drag and Drop editor.

Hover Menu

Option 1: Lock

To see the option for locking a block you must have the ClickDimensions Lock Email Blocks security role. Read here for more information on Security Roles. If you lock a block it means that it cannot be edited by anyone until it is unlocked.

If a user does not have one of the the previously mentioned security roles they will not be able to edit that block. This can be useful when you want to lock down things like the header and footer that should never really change.

Option 2: Clone

Press the copy/clone button to make an exact replica of that particular block.

Option 3: Delete

Click the trashcan to delete the block and all it's content.


Feature Added: 6.3.0
Feature Updated: 8.1.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 6.3.0
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