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ClickDimensions Social Share feature lets you insert links into your emails that will let your recipients share the email on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+. If it is shared you will see this in the social statistics section of the Email Send. This article will cover the steps on how to insert these links into your email. First place your cursor where you want the buttons to go. Then press the social sharing button:

Social Sharing Button

This window will appear where you can set your properties:

Social Links Options


For Facebook, you have the option to let your recipients either share the email or share another website's URL. Select the option you would like to use in the drop down menu.

facebook options

If you select to share another website's URL, enter the URL in the field that appears under the drop down menu. When the recipient clicks on the Facebook icon in the email, they will be able to share the URL you enter here instead of the email.

facebook options 2

Under the drop down menu, you can select which icon will appear for Facebook. You can use our standard icons, or you can upload your own (which will be discussed later).


The Twitter option gives your recipients the ability to tweet a link to your email. You have the ability specify the text that will be tweeted when the recipient tweets the link to your email. The tweet can contain the subject of your email (default option), or it can contain custom text. Select which option you prefer from the drop down menu.

twitter options

If you select to tweet custom text, enter the text into the field that appears below the drop down menu.

twitter options 2

You can also specify which icons you would like to use - including the standard icons we provide, or you can upload your own (will be discussed later).


The LinkedIn option lets your recipients share the email on LinkedIn. Check the box next to LinkedIn and then select the icon you would like to use, or upload your own.

linkedin options


The Google+ option will allow your recipients to share the email on Google+. Check the box next to Google+, and select the icon you want to use or upload your own.

google plus options

Upload a Custom Icon

There are tons of social icons out on the web. You can use your own custom icons instead of our standard icons (maybe icons that match your branding). If you want to upload your own icon, select Custom.


A Browse button will appear below. Click on the Browse button to select the icon on your computer that you want to use. For this example, we will upload a custom Facebook icon.

All icons uploaded must have a height of 32px or less and must be a .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .gif, or .bmp file.

After the icon has been uploaded, a preview of the icon will appear on the right.

Custom Uploaded

If you accidentally upload the wrong icon, click the 'x' next to the filename and upload a new icon. Using your own icons can give your email a cohesive look and let the icons match your company's brand.


Link Domain

This refers to the domain it shows when someone shares the email with certain social sites.

Link Domain

The domains shown in this list are pulled from the subdomain alias fields of any domain records you have in your CRM. (Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Domains)

Inserting the Icons

When you are ready to insert the icons into your email, click Insert and your icons will be inserted into the email. If you'd like, you can insert multiple sets social links within an email.

Inserted Social

Feature Added: Nov 18 2012
Feature Updated: Dec 18, 2014
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any
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