Why don't my Unsubscribe or View in HTML links work?

If you're getting a Page Not Found Error when clicking on the Unsubscribe or Microsite/View in HTML links, check these points:

1. Did you possibly copy or cut and then paste the Snippet? If you did, delete it and reinsert it via the link manager.

2. Right Click on the link when you're in the template. Check to make sure the URL field shows the following: Unsubscribe: ${Gears.unsubscribe()} Microsite / View in HTML: ${Gears.microsite()} If not, change them to say this, or reinsert the snippets.

3. It may not be working just internally for your company. There might be some sort of block your company has preventing it from going through. It would still work for anyone outside of your internal network. Test this by sending to someone not on your network.

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