New Release: April 2016


ClickDimensions April 2016 Update

Version 8.0.0

Highlighted below are the key features in our April 2016 release

Customers using CRM 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. If you've signed up to have new versions automatically installed, we have scheduled the update to take place over the weekend of April 30th. All updates are free and simple to complete.Not all new features are available for CRM 4.0.

See the New Features in Action

Attend a live online demo of the features!
Thursday, May 5th 10:30 AM EDT (3:30 PM UTC) Click here to register 6:30 PM EDT (11:30 pm UTC) Click here to register
We will send out a recording of this webinar to anyone who signs up and will be posting a link to that recording on the release notes. For full details on our new release, please see our April Release Notes.
Introducing BETA

This release includes a few new features that we are releasing as BETA previews. BETA features are in their first iteration and may encounter issues when used at scale in production, so we would love to hear your feedback on how well they work for you and if you encounter any specific issues with these features. To provide feedback on the BETA features included in this release, please submit a support request. Provide our team with as much detail as possible – screenshots, error messages and any other information will be very helpful as we finalize these features for upcoming releases.

Campaign Automations
BETA View Participants and their Timelines in Campaign Automations
Within the Campaign Automation Builder, you can now view, stop, pause, and resume individual participants. You can view an individual participant's timeline to see how far the participant has gone within a campaign automation. You will also be able to view all the campaign automations a lead or contact is in on their CRM record.

Entry Trigger "Email Interaction" can have a Negative Path

When using the Email Interaction trigger as an entry point for a campaign automation, you can now add a negative path. If you start your campaign automation by sending an email blast, you can have a path for recipients who did or did not interact with the email.

Send Email Action: Specify CNAME and Email Address Field

When setting up a Send Email action in a campaign automation, you can now specify which CNAME to use for your email links. Also, select which email address field on a lead/contact record should be used when the email is sent.
Drag and Drop Editor

Add Links to Your Social Network Profiles

Insert social profile page links into your emails using our new Social Links feature in the Drag and Drop editor. Select which social networks you want to include and insert the links. ClickDimensions will remember the social links for future emails to help you create your emails faster. Note: The feature formerly called "Social Links" is now called Social Sharing.

Style Lists and Links within an Individual Block

Set the style settings for lists and links within an individual block. Specify a custom color for your bulleted and numbered lists, and apply styles for all links within a specific block.
Hyperlink Manager

Insert a Phone Number Link in Emails

Insert a link in your emails that will prompt your recipients to call a phone number. Use the phone tab in the hyperlink manager to insert the link correctly (available in the Drag and Drop editor and Freestyle editor).
Subscription Management Forms

Add CAPTCHA Component to Subscription Forms

Insert the CAPTCHA component on your Subscription Management forms to make sure only humans (and not robots) can submit your form. Learn more about creating Subscription Management forms
Email Send

Automatic Save when Clicking Send

When you now click the Send button on an Email Send record, ClickDimensions will automatically save the record. This means that any changes made to the Email Send that you forgot to save will be saved before your email is sent. Read more about new enhancements in the Email Send record
Additional Improvements

ClickDimensions is Compatible with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

    • We have optimized the form scripts for faster load time
    • The ClickDimensions API will have the ability to manipulate image manager folders and images. With some of your own development, you can use our API to migrate images and folders from an old system, or have an integration with an outside resource/image library. Read More.
And More!
There are more updates and enhancements included in this release that are not highlighted in this email. You can read more about the April 2016 release on our blog: Part 1 and Part 2 As always, we have also implemented several smaller improvements and fixes. For a detailed break down of all the updates, please see our April 2016 Release Notes.

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