Does ClickDimensions Track Visits from Search Engines?

Does ClickDimensions track visits to my website by search engines?

Yes. Placing the ClickDimensions tracking script on a webpage will record visits to that page by search engine bots or crawlers, such as those used by Google and Bing to index pages on the web.

While you can filter specific IP addresses by creating filter records (in CRM go to Settings > ClickDimensions > Filters and create a new Filter record with a specific IP address), this method may not be effective in filtering out the visits from search engines, since most search engines have a long list of IP addresses that may change from time-to-time.

An alternative is to use the view customization tools in CRM to remove these automated visits from your analysis. For frequent use, customize the views of the Page View or Visit entities to filter out unwanted IP Organizations. To learn how to customize the views in CRM, see here.

For ad hoc analysis, you can filter the Active Page Views view to remove unwanted IP Organizations from the view following the steps in the following illustrations:

Navigate to Marketing > Page Views.


Click on the Filter button.


Press the down arrow next to IP Organizations and choose Custom Filter...


Choose Does Not Contain and then type the word "google" or any other bot names you'd like.

Custom Filter

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