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If you would like to review a list of every recipient who shared your email on social media and where they shared it, access these statistics from the Email Statistics menu under the Social Shares tab. Open the Email Send record under the Sent view > click the Email Statistics button.

email statistics button

Click the Social Shares tab to view the statistics.

email statistics social shares tab

This report includes two main areas. The top half shows a bar graph which displays on which social media platforms your email was shared by your recipients and how many times it was shared there. The bottom half includes a list of every recipient who shared the email and indicated on which platform they shared it. By default, this will list every recipient who shared on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+, but clicking on the name of any of the four platforms will filter the list to only show recipients who shared on that platform.

email statistics social shares tab twitter only

Feature Added: 8.1.0
Feature Updated: 8.1.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.1.0
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