ClickDimensions Localization (Supported Languages)

In Which Languages is ClickDimensions Available?

The ClickDimensions managed solution for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online and Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011/2013/2015/2016/D365 currently supports the following localized languages:

  • 1033 - English
  • 1030 - Danish
  • 1031 - German
  • 1036 - French
  • 1040 - Italian
  • 1043 - Dutch
  • 3082 - Spanish

(For Microsoft CRM 4.0, only US English is available. For instructions on translating the solution for your CRM 4.0 environment, see this article:

NOTE: The localized values apply only to the CRM entities, labels and menu items that are included in the ClickDimensions managed solution. Some components of ClickDimensions, such as the Email Template editors, Form designers, Campaign Automation builders, and field mapping interface, are hosted on ClickDimensions' cloud application and are only available in English. Translations are provided as-is. Changes or additions to existing translations can be accomplished using CRM's customization methods per Microsoft's documentation. 


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