The Sent Email Send Record: Statistics for your Email

After you have successfully sent out an email with our Email Send record, it will be moved from the My Drafts or All Drafts view into the Sent view. This is called a Sent Email Send and this is where you will find most of your email's statistics.

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NOTE: You will notice that the Sent Email Send record is Deactivated. Under no circumstances do we recommend Reactivating this record. You run the risk of sending the same email to the same recipients. If you want to send a similar email, you can Clone the Email Send.
NOTE: If you are using ClickDimensions version 6.4.0 or higher, the ability to reactivate Email Sends has been disabled.

In this view, you can see all the original settings for your email as well as the following statistics:

For customers using ClickDimensions version 8.8 or newer, the Sent Email Send record will look like this:

At the top of the Sent Email Send record, you will see the indication of the Email Send's status. This will reflect the status of sending the Email Send on our cloud platform. Here you will also see the User in your Dynamics environment who is the Owner of this particular Email Send record.

sent email send

Email Statistics

This grid shows numerical information about the statistics we calculate in an Email Send. Here you will see fields and their respective values for Emails Sent, Deliveries, Bounces, Total Opens, Unique Opens, Total Clicks, Unique Clicks, Web Visits generated by this email, Unsubscribes, and Spam.  Just below these fields, you will see an iFrame containing the Email Send's graphical statistics.  Click here to learn more about these.

email statistics fields

Scroll further down the Email Send record, past this graphical statistics iFrame. Here you will see other grids containing information about the Recipients (Sent Emails), Email Events, and Excluded Emails.


Connections and Conversions

Continuing further down the Email Send record, you will see a section called Connections and Conversions.  If this Email Send was connected to a Campaign Automation, the name of the Campaign Automation would be the value of this field.  If this Email Send was sent because of the RSS to Email Connector, the RSS Email field value would be Yes.  These fields are meant to help make it easier for you to use in queries for your own marketing purposes.


Below, you will see grids that show any related Visits Generated from this Email, Forms Submitted from this Email, and Surveys Submitted from this Email.  The data in these grids contain the relevant associated records that include connections to this particular Email Send.  These statistics can also be seen from the Conversions Report within your email statistics tab.

connections and conversions


Below Connections and Conversions, you will then see the General settings of your Email Send.  These are the same fields that were filled out when the Email Send record was still a draft.  Please refer to our documentation on sending an email template to see a more detailed explanation of these fields.

Split Test Preferences

Expanding this section will allow you to see the details of your split test, if you sent out this Email Send as a split test.  Click here to learn more about split testing ClickDimensions Email Sends.

Feature Added: Original
Feature Updated: 8.9.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 5.0
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