Common Questions About ClickDimensions Security

  1. Does ClickDimensions Store Any of My Data? 
    ClickDimensions does not store your data. Your data is stored safely and securely in your CRM system. The sole exceptions to this are: a) Email addresses of recipients. These are logged as all email platforms must do, in order to accurately record deliveries, opens, clicks, bounces, etc.; b) if you use our Profile Management feature which makes it possible to pre-populate a web form that an email recipient visits by clicking a link in a ClickDimensions email.

  2. Is the communication between ClickDimensions and my CRM secure? 
    Yes. If you register your CRM using an address that starts with HTTPS, then our connection to your CRM will always be securely encrypted using the SSL certificate you've installed on your CRM website (or the one used by Microsoft for CRM Online). Note that self-signed SSL certificates are not supported.

  3. How does ClickDimensions connect to my CRM?
    ClickDimensions communicates with your CRM using only Microsoft-documented methods to connect to CRM's web services. ClickDimensions does not communicate or connect to SQL Server, Active Directory, or any other server or network applications. All of our functionality is delivered through Microsoft's SDK (Software Development Kit) methods for Dynamics CRM. Microsoft has also designated the ClickDimensions solution as Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). For detailed information on ClickDimensions connectivity, read here.

  4. Who has access to ClickDimensions servers? 
    ClickDimensions' application is entirely hosted in Microsoft's Windows Azure system in Microsoft data centers. As such, physical access to the servers and network resources that host the ClickDimensions application is restricted to Microsoft personnel. ClickDimensions personnel do not have physical access to these resources. See Microsoft's Windows Azure Trust Center for more information. Remote access to the production environment is restricted to the ClickDimensions CTO. The ClickDimensions application production environment is a separate network from ClickDimensions' internal operations network. Therefore, ClickDimensions employees, such as developers and technical support individuals, do not have access to the ClickDimensions production application.

  5. Where are the Microsoft Azure data centers located?
    The ClickDimensions application is hosted separately in Microsoft's "East US" data center in the state of Virginia, the "West Europe" data center in The Netherlands, and in the "Australia East" data center in New South Wales.

  6. Can I retain control of the password that ClickDimensions uses to connect to my CRM? Absolutely. When you register your CRM with ClickDimensions, the connection information is securely transmitted in encrypted format. At any time after installing ClickDimensions, you can change the password our system uses from within CRM by clicking on Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Service Credentials. (Note that you must update it here prior to actually changing the password for the user.) See here for more.

  7. What are the IP addresses of ClickDimensions' service in Azure? 
    Some companies wish to restrict access to their CRM to only specific IP addresses. See this article for the IP addresses currently being used by the ClickDimensions application.

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