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One of the benefits of using ClickDimensions in your CRM is that you can personalize your email with CRM data. You can personalize the email with information from Lead, Contact, and Account records as well as the Sender record. In this example, we are going to personalize the email with a salutation using a Contact's first name. Type a simple greeting, such as Hello, in the email. After you type Hello, hit the space bar and click on the personalization button:

This will open the personalization menu. Click on the Contact tab at the top and then choose the First Name field from the list:

Tip: If your custom fields are not showing under the entity, go to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Metadata. You must publish your metadata for ClickDimensions to know of the additional fields in your CRM records.

A script, ${Recipient.lead.firstname[0]!""} will be inserted where your cursor was located.

lead script

Now, if you wanted to send an email to a combination of Leads and Contacts, you can personalize your email for both entities. Place your cursor directly after the Lead script, and click the Personalization button again and go to Contacts. Select First Name. The script is inserted directly after the Lead First Name script.

lead and contact script

The email will now be personalized for both Leads and Contacts.

IMPORTANT: All scripts will be evaluated every time. If you place both lead and contact scripts, do not place anything in the quotes for a default. For example if you put ${Recipient.lead.firstname[0]!"Valued Customer"}${[0]!"Valued Customer"} what will display if it is sent to a Lead is JohnValued Customer.

Personalizing Subject Lines

You can do this same personalization for the subject line. Just do the same as above and copy the script and paste it into the subject line.

Check FreeMarker


The Free Style editor offers the use of the Check FreeMarker button at the top of the editor window.  Click the Check FreeMarker button and the FreeMarker code included within your email template will be checked for errors. If the code can be processed, you will see an indication that there are no errors. This is available in both the Drag and Drop Editor and the Free Style Editor.

Feature Added: 2010
Feature Updated: October 2016
ClickDimensions Version Need: Any
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