How Does ClickDimensions Interact with CRM's Web Services?

ClickDimensions uses the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK to communicate with CRM's web services. When you register with ClickDimensions, you will provide the CRM URL at which our Azure-hosted application can connect to CRM. Using the CRM SDK, we first connect to CRM's Discovery web service, passing in the unique organization name. The CRM Discovery service returns the address of the Organization web service for that particular organization, or tenant.

Architecture of CRM with respect to Integrated Applications:

For an overview of CRM's architecture for integrated applications like ClickDimensions, and to understand more about how an application connects and interacts with CRM, see Microsoft's architectural overview here:

CRM extensibility architecture


  • On-Premises CRM with IFD: Authentication is handled by Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS), in the case of an Internet-Facing Deployment (IFD), which is a claims-based authentication provider.
  • On-Premises CRM with no IFD: If IFD is not used, authentication to CRM's web services uses Windows authentication.
  • CRM Online: Connections to CRM Online use Office 365 for authentication (older tenants which have not been transitioned to Office 365 may still use LiveID).

  Once authenticated, ClickDimensions' access to data within CRM is controlled via the CRM security role(s) assigned to the service user provided to ClickDimensions for the connection.

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