Does ClickDimensions work with Multi-Factor Authentication?

Some organizations have implemented multi-factor authentication (MFA) to restrict access to their CRM. MFA is a way to prompt a user to enter a code or use another means to verify their login attempt after entering his/her user credentials. Currently, ClickDimensions does not support multi-factor authentication for our service user which connects to your CRM. The reason for this is that in order to use multi-factor authentication via the CRM SDK, an application can only use the WebAPI oData endpoint for SDK operations. At this time, the WebAPI does not include some of the operations and methods available in the mature Organization.svc SOAP endpoint. Microsoft is working with each release of Dynamics to improve the WebAPI, and when it is possible for ClickDimensions to interact with CRM's WebAPI in all the ways needed by the application, we will work to transition to the WebAPI and consider implementing support for multi-factor authentication.

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