(Legacy) Social Posting: Creating a Facebook Social Post

NOTE: As of version 8.8 (currently only available to US data center customers at this time -- coming soon for EU and AU customers), ClickDimensions has enhanced our Social Marketing feature with new capabilities, outlined in the articles here.  If you have set up a Facebook connector before this release, you will still be able to use this, but we recommend that you disconnect the connector after any scheduled posts have been published, and add the new Facebook connector offerings (as well as other social profiles!), addressed here.  We have partnered with Oktopost for this and are excited to bring you this added social marketing functionality!

The Facebook connector for ClickDimensions allows Users to create social posts to Facebook from within your CRM environment.  The connection works with the Facebook API and allows Users to create social posts on a Facebook Page (a Page on Facebook is considered a public profile specifically for businesses, brands, and other organizations; it is not a personal profile).  To learn more about how to create a Facebook Page for your organization, click here.

You must first set up the connector before creating any social posts.  Click here to see how, if you have not already done so.

To get started, navigate to CRM Marketing > Social Posts (under the Mobile & Social subsection).


Here you will see there are several different System Views, including the option to create a Personal View:


Social Post Status Indications and What They Mean

Active Social Posts: these are Active records within CRM, regardless of publication status.

Canceled: a social post that is scheduled to be posted at a later time/date can be canceled.  Once that social post has been canceled, it will appear in this view.

Drafts: the social posts in this view are still drafts and have not yet been posted to Facebook.

Inactive Social Posts: records in this view have been deactivated in CRM.

Posted: records in this view have already been posted to Facebook.

Scheduled: the social posts in this view are scheduled to be posted to Facebook at a set date/time, and that date/time has not yet come to pass.

Click +New to create a new Social Post.


This is the new Social Post draft record:


Fill in the following fields (General):

Name (required): this is the name of the Social Post record for how it will be called in your CRM environment.

Post Immediately (required): this can be set to Yes or No; if set to Yes, the social post will be published to Facebook as soon as it is saved the Post button is clicked; if set to No, the Post On field becomes required to schedule the social post to be published at a later time and date.

Post On: this field will become active and required if the Post Immediately field is set to No; choose a future date/time for the social post to be published.  This will reflect the UTC time zone of the User who is the Owner of the social post record.


Campaign: if you would like to associate this social post with a CRM Campaign, choose the desired CRM Campaign from the lookup field here.

At this point, you will need to click the SAVE button to save the record before you can proceed with filling in the other fields.

Fill in the following fields (Facebook):

Post to Facebook: Set this field to Yes when you are ready to add your content.

Facebook Content: Type or copy/paste the text content here that you wish to post to Facebook.

Facebook Connector: choose the name for the Facebook connector you would like to associate this social post with.

Image: to learn more about the image requirements and recommendations for images sizes to associate with your social post, click here.

Adding an image to your post:

Click the Select Image button.


A new tab with the ClickDimensions Image Manager will appear.  You can upload and choose which image to include with your social post.  To learn more about how to upload and organize images within this Image Manager, click here.  

Click OK once you have selected your desired image.


You should now see a preview of the image selected, as well as relevant details within your social post record in CRM.


How to Post the Record

Once you have filled in the required fields, and set up your Facebook Social Post as desired, click the Save button at the bottom right corner of the record to save the social post record within CRM. To post your social post, click the More Commands (...) menu, and click Post.


How to Cancel a Scheduled Social Post

If you wish to cancel a social post that is scheduled to be posted at a later time/date, you can do the following: Locate the social post from the Scheduled system view under Social Posts and open the social post you wish to cancel.


Click the More Commands (...) menu and click Cancel Post.


This will automatically create a new workflow that you can find in Background Processes from the social post record's related menu.  The workflow will eventually cancel out.


The social post can now be found from the Canceled system view under Social Posts and it will not be posted to the Facebook page.


Feature Added: 8.4.0
Feature Updated: 8.4.0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.4.0
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