Which CRM License Types Work with ClickDimensions Functionality?

ClickDimensions provides a robust automated marketing solution that provides your organization with the tools you need to effectively communicate and market to your customers. With the new release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft has made changes to their licensing structure. This help article will keep you informed about what CRM licensing is required for each CRM version so your users can utilize ClickDimensions.

Understanding Dynamics 365 Licensing Structure

With Dynamics 365, there is now an Enterprise Edition and a Business Edition. ClickDimensions currently supports Enterprise Edition licensing. Here are the following Enterprise license types the structure provides:

Team Member– This license is alternatively known as a Light Use license. This is a named user subscription that enables customers to execute basic business processes and share knowledge across an organization. This license is insufficient for a user who also wishes to use ClickDimensions as it does not allow access to Marketing Lists, Leads and other CRM components that are central to the ClickDimensions application.

Application Specific – Application subscriptions are named user subscriptions where a user is licensed full use for one individual application. A user needing access to multiple applications would need to pay for multiple applications. Applications include Sales, Customer Service, and Field Service.

Dynamics 365 Plan 1 – Also known as a Full Use license, this provides full access to all of Dynamics CRM’s system entities and functionality.

NOTE: The ClickDimensions Service User must have either the Application Specific or Dynamics 365 Plan 1 license.

CRM Licenses required for the ClickDimensions Solution

A full use license is required for each ClickDimensions user due to the need to configure and administer the services of CRM and the ClickDimensions Solution.

CRM 2011 – CRM 2016 – For any users that want to utilize ClickDimensions on these versions of CRM they must have Microsoft’s Professional License for CRM. Non-Interactive Users are not supported.

Dynamics 365 (On-Premise/Online) – For any users that want to utilize ClickDimensions on Dynamics 365 they must have full use Sales Application Client Access Licenses (CALs), or the Dynamics 365 Plan 1 subscription. Team Member licenses as well as any Business Edition licenses will NOT allow users to use the ClickDimensions solution.

Additional Dynamics 365 licensing information can be found at Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 Pricing page. 

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