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ClickDimensions Release Update

Version 8.5

Keep scrolling to see key features included in our 8.5 release!

Customers using 2013, 2015, 2016 or CRM Online can use our Auto-Update feature to download or initiate an update. All updates are free and simple to complete. Version 8.5 was made available in the US data center March 26-27, all other regions on April 23-24. For full details on our new release, please see our 8.5 Release Notes. Not all features are available for all versions of CRM. See release notes for more info.

Want to see the new features in action?

Attend a live online demo of the features:
MAY 2, 2017 11:00AM EDT (3:00PM UTC) REGISTER 6:30PM EDT (10:30PM UTC) REGISTER
We will send out a recording of this webinar to anyone who signs up and will be posting a link to that recording on the release notes.

Updated ClickDimensions Tracking Script

The web tracking script has been updated. You should update your web site at your earliest convenience. The current script will work, but there are items in the old script that are being depreciated by some browsers. 
Web Tracking Script
Event Registered and Event Attended Triggers

Event Registered and Event Attended Triggers 

Automatically send event communications when someone registers for your event! With the new Event Registered trigger, launch your campaign automation when Event Participation records come into CRM with a Registration Status of "Registered." For even more targeted messaging, use a decision node to direct people down different paths depending on their Event Participation record! The Event Attended trigger makes it easy to follow-up with people who attended your event. If the Event Participation record has a Registration Status of "Attended," the trigger will launch your automation. A decision node can be used to choose different options based on values in the Event Participation record.

Trigger an Automation from Form Capture

The Form Submitted trigger can now be used with Form Capture forms! This brings all the functionality previously only available to form builder forms to form capture! When you choose a form, switch the "Look For" selection to Form Capture to see your options. Learn more

Assign a Campaign Automation Participant to a Team

Now assign a participant in your campaign automation to a Team using the Assign Owner action. Just change the "Look For" selection in the lookup window to Team and choose your team.

New! Profile Management Data Sync

If you send emails to very large marketing lists and you include a link to a profile management form, sometimes recipients will open the form and their data will not yet be pre-populated into the form. This sometimes occurs due to the time it can take to sync profile data with very large lists. In this release, we've introduced a new entity called Profile Management Data Sync that you can use to sync profile information before sending your email. (Note that this sync is only needed if you send to large lists.) Learn more
  • In the Drag and Drop and Freestyle email editors, the spell check will now be turned on automatically making it easier to catch mistakes!
  • When an anonymous visitor is converted to a lead or contact, the visitor record will now be connected to that lead/contact for better tracking and reporting.
  • ClickDimensions will now sync Eventbrite updates for a month after the event so that if you update attendance a bit later, it will still sync.
  • In the web content area, there are new views for each of the different types of web content. Now you can easily see a view that contains only forms, only surveys, only subscriptions or only landing pages.
  • In the Email Statistics window, on the Recipients tab, the clicks number is now a link to another report of what links the person clicked.
  • In the overall statistics of an Email Send, there is a link to download an Excel file of Excluded Emails. This now includes the Account column (if you send the email to an account this will be populated).
And More!
There are more updates and enhancements included in these releases that are not highlighted in this email. And as always, we have also implemented several smaller improvements and fixes. For a detailed breakdown of all the updates, please see our 8.5 Release Notes.
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