Security Errors for US datacenter clients on CRM 2016 - Resolved

2pm UTC 1/24/2017

Our development team has rolled back a portion of code that was causing the error when attempting to access Drag and Drop editors in 2016 on-prem environments using ClickDimensions 8.2 or higher.  We have tested and are receiving reports that this is now resolved.  Please submit a ticket to our support team if you need any assistance with the solution. 

6pm UTC 1/23/2017

We are still receiving reports of the security error occurring with D&D editors on an email send but have confirmed fixes coming in for accessing this editor via an email template.  Our operations team continues to investigate this as a priority item and we will update here when another fix is deployed.  

4pm UTC 1/23/2017

Our team has uploaded a cloud fix and confirmed resolution.  As with all updates, we recommend clearing cache to best leverage the implemented changes. Our apologies for any issues this disruption may have caused.  If you continue to experience either of the items listed below, please contact our support team and we'll be happy to assist.  

3pm UTC 1/23/2017

We have begun receiving reports from clients out of our US datacenter using CRM 2016 that security errors are thrown in two scenarios: 

1)  "A security error has occurred. Make sure you are signed into Microsoft Dynamics CRM and try again.”  when attempting to use a Drag and Drop (D&D) editor. 

2) "The entity with a name = 'cdi_securitysession' was not found in the MetadataCache." when attempting to perform a quicksend from a contact record.  

Our operations team is aware and working through this as a critical item.  We expect this to be resolved shortly and will update here when done.  

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    Matt Bridges

    Updated Status Listed. 

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    Matt Bridges

    Resolution confirmed and status updated.  

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