Resolved - Email Event Syncing Issue

Region: US / EU / AU

Feature: Email Event Synchronization

Impact: We are currently experiencing an issue in our US, EU, and AU Data Centers where some customers are not receiving Email Events, or are receiving them very intermittently. Since this issue first appeared we have deployed a fix which resulted in improvement for some, but not all customers. This issue is currently under review by our Operations team as a critical item. As more details become available we'll be sure to update this post.

Reported: 9:00am UTC : 09/13/2017

Update: 12:00pm UTC : 09/26/2017
As of 09/25 our development team has identified a potential reason for this issue and has deployed a fix to all regions. We are seeing improvements in the message synchronization queue at this time but our services are still catching up. We will provide an update once we see all message queues back to normal status.

 Update: 12:00pm UTC : 09/29/2017
As of 09/29 this issue has been resolved and our message queues are back to normal status.  We will continue to monitor as expected.  We appreciate your patience during this service interruption.

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