Microsoft Reporting Service Degradation - ClickDimensions Impacted - Resolved

1pm UTC 2/13/2017

Microsoft has posted a service health update noting a service misconfiguration where a web server reset has restored connections.  Please let our support team know if you continue to experience connection issues with ClickDimensions and we'll be happy to review with you as a separate item.  

3am UTC 2/12/2017

Our team continues to see improved connections with reliability across all regions for onprem and online environments.  Should we be provided an update from Microsoft on the root cause of the issue, we will provide that here.  Please let Microsoft and our support team know if you continue to experience issues connecting to your ClickDimensions solution. 

3pm UTC 2/11/2017

Both online and onprem environments in all regions are impacted by this issue.  We have received reports from Microsoft that they have the problem identified, is impacting other ISVs, and are actively working on correcting.  We are seeing some signs of access beginning to return and will post back here as we know more.  


7pm UTC 2/10/2017

We are receiving alerts from customers regarding an inability to connect with ClickDimensions.  Microsoft has begun releasing status alerts via O365 portals as to service degradation in multiple regions.  Clients experiencing a connection issue with ClickDimensions and in an online environment should check their O365 portal and connect with Microsoft directly.  We will update here if we have any more information via our channels regarding Microsoft's restoration of service.  

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    Matt Bridges

    Status Updated.  

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