Resolved - Connection Errors in ClickDimensions editors

Region: US

Feature: Editor and Settings page access, ClickDimensions content and functionality access

Update: 2:00PM UTC: 11/08/2017
At this time, ClickDimensions functionality is fully restored. Our operations team was able to re-deploy and scale components of our service to restore functionality. Root cause will be analyzed and services will continue to monitored.

Update: 3:40PM UTC: 11/07/2017
We have received confirmation that Microsoft Azure is fully restored at this time. We continue to investigate and mitigate any residual issues with ClickDimensions functionality. Once fully resolved we will post an update via this thread.

We continue to see intermittent issues accessing editor and settings pages.  Our teams are currently investigating and reaching out to Microsoft to see if this issue is still related to their outage from yesterday.  Regarding yesterdays event Microsoft has provided the following information following this outage

MS Impact: Between approximately 19:34 and 21:04 UTC on 06 Nov 2017, customers in North Central US may have experienced degraded performance, network drops, or timeouts when accessing Azure resources hosted in this region. Engineers were aware of additional impact for customers using App Service in South Central US. Engineers determined that this was caused by an underlying Network Infrastructure Event in this region which remains under investigation.

Preliminary root cause: Engineers identified a configuration change as the potential root cause.

Mitigation: Engineers performed a change to the service configuration to BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) to mitigate the issue.

Next steps: Engineers will continue to investigate to establish the full root cause in approximately 72 hours.

More information to come here:


Announced: 7:50 pm UTC : 11/06/2017,
Initial Resolved: Updated 10:14 pm UTC (Reg: Microsoft)
Resolved: 12:00 pm UTC : : 11/08/2017


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