AWS Outage Resolved - Critical Impacts to ClickDimensions Resolved

10pm UTC 2/28/2017

AWS has issued a 'resolved' update (HERE).  We are seeing test emails, new sends, and links working as expected now.  As a result of the outage, our backlog of sends in 'error recovery' is significantly higher than normal and may take longer than normal to process through to a 'sent' status. Sends in a 'recovery stopped' status are safe to resend. Should you continue to experience any issues or need assistance with an error that occurred during this AWS outage as it relates to your ClickDimensions solution, please let our support team know and we'll be happy to assist.  

8pm UTC 2/28/2017

An AWS (Amazon Web Services) outage with S3 storage has been reported and confirmed.  We believe this is the cause for many, current reports of issues with our solution and support tickets.  This may also have residual effects with connector services such as Twilio.  Our operations team is still performing due diligence to ensure there is nothing to be done on our end and are monitoring AWS status closely for resolution.  

We will post back here as we know more on status restore, residual impacts, and next steps that may be needed.  

Status and related articles on the AWS outage: 

Examples of reported issues believed to be related: 

1) Emails sends from AU and some US will not send regardless of method (immediate, scheduled, Automation triggered)

2) Test emails result in a 503 error for all regions.  *Note: Test emails for EU clients should still be received despite the error message appearing.  

3) Links are broken for AU and some US sends, sent prior to the outage as they are depended on the relates services.  

4) Including attachments to ClickDimensions Customer Team Tickets.  

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    Matt Bridges

    AWS Status Resolved.  

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