Release Notes Version 8.13

8.13.0 [December 2017]

US Data Center: Instant Update/Cloud - December 3, 2017; Solution - December 4, 2017

Note: this version is currently only available in the US data center. All other regions are scheduled to be available on December 10th. We will update here when those updates are completed.

Note: Not all features are available for all versions of CRM. Solution Updates are available for Dynamics 2013+ only.

For instructions on how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Instant Update) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution Update Required).


Changes to Nurture Functionality

As part of our efforts to consolidate all marketing automation functionality in the product to our campaign automation feature, ClickDimensions is continuing the process of sunsetting our legacy nurture functionality. As of this release, you will no longer be able to create new email programs via the nurture functionality. Your existing nurtures will still run and be supported; however, to create new automated email programs, you will now need to utilize our more robust campaign automation builder.

In a future 2018 release, we will be completely sunsetting the nurture feature and you will be required to migrate any existing nurture programs over to the campaign automation feature. If you are currently using nurtures, you will receive more detailed information, including the specific timeframe in 2018 when that change will take place, well in advance of the changes.

To learn more about the campaign automation feature and the benefits it can bring to your marketing efforts, visit our help site to view on-demand training and knowledgebase articles.


  Feature Drag and Drop email Editor 2.0

We released our new Drag and Drop 2.0 email editor in beta mode. The functionality is still limited, but the new editor offers greater layout flexibility, increased styling options, and improved mobile responsiveness. Help article here.

A new subdomain was added for this,, and (depending on data center). You may need to add this to your browser's trusted sites list. 

Solution Update Required


  Improvement Campaign Automation

We improved the Campaign Automation's ability to manage failure and success events more efficiently. This is part of our ongoing project to improve the Campaign Automation's infrastructure.

Instant Update
  Improvement DNS Settings Updated this page to be easier to follow. In Settings > DNS Settings you setup your email CNAMEs. We've made it easier to follow and understand how to set these up. Instant Update
  Improvement Email Sends For test emails [TEST]: will be added to the beginning of the subject to help differentiate between tests and regular sends. Instant Update
  Improvement Error Trace Now set the date range of your search to whatever you want in the error trace. It is no longer restricted to a week. Instant Update
  Improvement Import Tool Previously the import tool would only look for "email address 1" email addresses in the "email address 1" field. Unlike all other ClickDimensions functionality which would look for an email address in all email fields. We made an update so that the import tool now looks in all 3 email fields. Instant Update
  Improvement Security Additional security has been added to the Lead iframes ClickDimensions provides - the list of campaign automations and social profile. Solution Update Required
  Improvement Sent Email

Support for upsert was added for sent email syncing. This will help with eliminating some unnecessary exceptions in SQL.

Instant Update
  Improvement Sent Email Sends

Statistics will sync to the sent Email Send view every 15 minutes even if the email events have not arrived in the CRM environment yet. This provides faster feedback on your sends!

Instant Update


  Bug Fix 77284 Campaign Automation The link to a Lead/Contact record within a Notify Team or Notify User's email would not work when the CRM hostname had multiple organizations. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 99402 Campaign Automation In a Decision Node following a Submitted Form trigger, any condition set to check the value submitted to a Checkbox Form Field would change from True to False upon reopening the Decision Node's properties. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 99416 Campaign Automation Participants that encountered an error at a Decision Node would not go through the Error Recovery process before moving to a Failed status. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 101568 Campaign Automation Participants would become Completed within a Decision Node when that Decision Node was configured to check data submitted to a Checkbox Form Field. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 103966 Campaign Automation Run on Entire List entry points would not create Participants for qualified Leads upon publishing. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 104380 Campaign Automation Decision Nodes following a Submitted Survey trigger would not allow a new Clause to be added. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 102976 Custom HTML Editor The Custom HTML Editor's Image Links page would only display images that are in the root folder. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 102593 Data Center Migration After migrating from a US Data Center account to an EU Data Center account, image file paths would still point to the original US account's location. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 65385 Drag & Drop Editor Heading-styled text would be misaligned with images in Image on Left and Image on Right blocks when viewed in Outlook. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 102485 Drag & Drop Editor The fonts available in a block's text editor were different than the fonts available in that block's styles tab. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 99826 Email Statistics The Email Statistics page's Recipients tab would only sort the current page of data. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 101451 Email Statistics The Export Excluded Emails link will give an "item with the same key has already been added" error when the same recipient was included multiple times in the targeted Marketing Lists. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 102552 Email Statistics The number of Excluded Emails shown in the Email Statistics iFrame did not match the number shown in the Excluded Emails report. Instant Update
  Bug Fix 103891 Email Statistics The Excluded Email Report would display a created on date on 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM. Instant Update
  Bug Fix  103009 Eventbrite Some events were not syncing for some customers. Instant Update


Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here. Security role updates are done for CRM 2013+ only and require a solution update.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

New subdomains were added for the new Drag and Drop 2.0 (beta) editor and those point to new IP addresses. You should not have to whitelist these, this is more for informational purposes.


Plugin Changes

No plugin changes

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