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NOTE: The Drag and Drop Editor 2.0 is currently in a closed beta and is only accessible to customers on version 8.13.0 who have requested to be included in the beta. If you attempt to select the Drag and Drop Editor 2.0 from the Editor Type field on an Email Template, you will be presented with a form which you can submit to request access to the beta. Once approved, you will be notified that you have access the the editor.

Sections are the sub-divisions of an email template created in the Drag and Drop 2.0 editor. Sections can be styled independently from one another and from the template as a whole, and can be cloned to easily duplicate a subsection of the template. Sections also house the Content blocks that are used to add specific content, such as text and images, to the email template. When you create a new Drag and Drop 2.0 template, the editor will contain 2 Sections by default:


Mousing over a section will display a hover menu, which contains a Column drop down list and the buttons Edit, Duplicate, Save to Favorites, and Delete. There is also a Move icon in the top left corner that can be used to rearrange sections within the template.



The column drop down list allows you to choose how many columns you want to include in your Section: 1, 2, 3, or 4. If you choose any number other than 1, a field labelled Columns Distribution will be added to the edit menu that adjusts how wide each column is.


Clicking Edit will open a Section Settings menu in the right-hand sidebar. This menu includes the following options:



  • Number of Columns: Specify whether the Section should contain 1, 2, 3, or 4 columns. If you choose to include multiple columns within a section, you will also be presented with the option to change the widths of the columns in relation to one another. For example, if you choose three columns, the widths can be set to be equal to one another, or the left, center, or right column can be set to be wider than the other two columns.

column widths


  • Background Image: set a Background image for the Section. If both a background image and background color are set for the template, the background image will take precedence and be displayed.
  • Background Color: Set a background color for the Section. If both a background image and background color are set for the template, and the template is sent to an email client that doesn't support background images, the background color will be displayed instead.


  • Set the padding amount for the top, bottom, left, and right sides of the Section. Clicking the lock icon will prevent the padding values from changing.
NOTE: Padding can only be locked in the US Data Center. This feature will be available in the EU and AU Data Centers in the near future.


Clicking Duplicate creates an exact duplicate of the Section immediately below it. Each section can be clicked on and moved up or down in the template body.

Save to Favorites

Clicking the Save to Favorites button allows you to save a copy of this particular Section as a Favorite. From within any Drag and Drop Editor 2.0 template, you will then be able to select that Section with all of its content already in place from your Favorites list and drag it into the template body. 


Once a Section is added to the Favorites list, it can be renamed to make it easily identifiable, or it can be deleted from the list.


Delete removes the Section from the template. Deleted Sections cannot be brought back.

Adding Content Blocks to a Section

A Content Block can be added to a Section by clicking the desired block in the righthand sidebar and dragging it into the Section. Once a Content Block is in the section, it can be rearranged within the section at any time. A Section can contain as many Content Blocks as desired. Once a Content Block is added to the template, it is not locked into the initial Section in which its place. Content Blocks can be dragged from Section to Section as needed.

add content block

Adding New Sections

Dragging a Content Block into the template outside of one of the existing Sections will create a new Section containing that Content Block.

add section

Feature Added: 8.13.0
Feature Updated: 8.14 .0
ClickDimensions Version Need: 8.13.0
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