Release Notes Version 8.5

8.5.0 [2017]

US Data Center: Cloud - March 26, 2017; Solution - March 27, 2017
EU Data Center: Cloud - April 23, 2017; Solution - April 24, 2017
AU Data Center: Cloud - April 23, 2017; Solution - April 24, 2017

Note: Not all features are available for all versions of CRM.

For instructions on how to update, see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 

REMINDER ANNOUNCEMENT: The Web Tracking script has been updated. You should update your web site at your earliest convenience. The current script will work, but there are items in the old script that are being depreciated by some browsers. You can find the new script for your account in ClickDimensions Settings > Web Tracking.For more information see this article.

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  New Feature Campaign Automation

The Form Submitted trigger can now be used with Form Capture forms! This brings all the functionality of form actions previously only available to form builder forms to form capture! When you open the lookup to choose your form, switch the "Look For" to Form Capture to see your options. Read the help article.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  New Feature Campaign Automation

The Event Registered Trigger has now been added! As Event Participation records come into CRM, if the Registration Status = Registered, this will be triggered to allow you to automate communication to your registrants. Also use the decision node afterwards to direct people down different paths dependent on their Event Participation record! Read the help article.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an N:N relationship between Events and Campaign Automations, therefore the solution update is required to use this trigger.

Available for CRM 2013+ only

  New Feature Campaign Automation

Now use the Event Attended Trigger to market to those who actually attended your event! If the Event Participation has a Registration Status of "Attended", it will trigger this. There is a decision node option as well so you can choose different options based on values in the Event Participation record. Read the help article.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an N:N relationship between Events and Campaign Automations, therefore the solution update is required to use this trigger.

Available for CRM 2013+ only

  New Feature Campaign Automation

Now assign a participant to a Team using the Assign Owner action! Just change the look for in the lookup window to Team and choose your team.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  New Feature Profile Management

If you send to very large marketing lists, and you include a link to a profile management form where the fields should be prepopulated, sometimes recipients will click to open the form and the data will not yet be prepopulated. This is because of the time it can take to sync that data with very large lists. We've introduced a new entity called Profile Management Data Sync that you can use to sync the correct information before sending the email. This is only needed if you send to large lists. Read the help article.

NOTE: A new entity was added, therefore this requires a solution update, and permissions will be needed (automatically added to the ClickDimensions Service user role).

Available for CRM 2013+ only



  Improvement Anonymous Visitor

When an Anonymous Visitor is converted to a Lead or Contact, it will now be connected to that Lead/Contact for better reporting/tracking.

NOTE: A customization change was made to add an 1:N relationship between Contacts and Anonymous Visitors as well as between Leads and Anonymous Visitors, therefore the solution update is required.

Available for CRM 2013+ only

  Improvement Connector Windows

SMS Connector windows were updated to be consistent with each other. The same for event connectors.

  Improvement Email Editors

In the Drag and Drop and Free Style Email editors the spell check will now be turned on automatically making it easier to catch mistakes!

  Improvement Email Send

The buttons in the Email Send ribbon that have to do with statistics will only appear once the Email Send is sent. This will clean up the ribbon area a bit since there are no statistics to look at until after the email was sent.

Available for CRM 2013+ only

  Improvement Email Statistics

In the Email Statistics window, on the Recipients tab, the clicks number is now a link to another report of what links the person clicked.

Available for CRM 2011+ only

  Improvement Email Statistics

On the Overall statistics of an Email Send there is a link to download an Excel file of Excluded Emails. This now includes the Account column (if you send the email to an account this will be populated).

  Improvement Eventbrite

ClickDimensions will now sync Eventbrite updates for a month after the event so that if you update attendance a bit later, it will still sync.

  Improvement Lookups

Multi-select lookup windows in ClickDimensions areas have a slightly updated interface to make selection easier.

  Improvement Web Content

There are new views in the web content area; a view for each of the different types of web content. Now you can easily just see a view of all your forms, just all surveys, just all subscriptions, or just all landing pages.

Available for CRM 2013+ only



  Bug Fix 50680 Campaign Automations Sent Emails generated by a Campaign Automation would not contain any data in the "Automation" field. Cloud
  Bug Fix 70005 Campaign Automations On Lead records, the Related Campaign Automation iFrame would not contain any data. Cloud
  Bug Fix 82175 Campaign Automations A Form Submit trigger designed to run parallel to an Email Interaction or Form Submit trigger would cause some Participants to become stuck. Cloud
  Bug Fix 84139 Campaign Automations Participant Timelines in a Campaign Automation that has been renamed would still show the original name. Cloud
  Bug Fix 85288 Campaign Automations A Decision Node set to check a custom lookup field that is targeted at a custom entity would not allow you to set a record to check for. Cloud
  Bug Fix 83312 Click Heat Map In some accounts, the Heat Map for a Template that contained conditional freemarker would display all percentages on the same link. Cloud
  Bug Fix 80977 Email Editors When editing an existing Global Unsubscribe link, the Link Manager would open to the "Subscription Page" section instead of the "Global Unsubscribe" section. Cloud
  Bug Fix 86399 Email Editors When using Internet Explorer, setting part of a line of text as a link would cause the entire line to be set as a link, and would duplicate the unselected portion of the line. Cloud
  Bug Fix 82742 Email Sends Email Sends could be sent to an empty Static Marketing List. Cloud
  Bug Fix 88600 Email Statistics Device Statistics would not sync to all customers. Cloud
  Bug Fix 85293 Forms Checkbox Form Fields would not display the specified default value. Cloud
  Bug Fix 87879 Forms A Form Field's mapping would not save until mapping had been set for both Lead and Contect fields. Cloud
  Bug Fix 82501 Landing Pages Free Style Landing Pages would contain Outlook-specific code to fix a DPI scaling issue with emails. Cloud
  Bug Fix 84093 Landing Pages When editing a Block Editor Landing Page in Mac Safari, Text, Custom HTML, and Form/Survey Blocks could not be added. Cloud
  Bug Fix 88064 Link Manager When using Chrome, the Link Manager would encode characters that were part of a Freemarker interpolation. Cloud
  Bug Fix 83367 RSS to Email Emails sent by the RSS to Email Connector would not adhere to the specified post word limit. Cloud
  Bug Fix 66542 SMS Connectors A received STOP command would unnecessarily update the Lead/Contat's Status Reason field. Cloud


Security Role Updates

See the full article on Security Role settings here. Security role updates are done for CRM 2013+ only and require a solution update.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
Profile Management Data Sync: Full permissions

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

Here is the current list of IP Addresses you may need to unblock to allow ClickDimensions to work.

No IP changes.

Plugin Changes

The Event Participation Plugin was updated to support the event triggers in the Campaign Automation feature.


8.5.1 [2017]

US Data Center: Solution - March 30, 2017
EU Data Center: Solution - April 24, 2017
AU Data Center: Solution - April 24, 2017

  Bug Fix 90147 Profile Management Data Sync There was no way to check the fields you wanted to sync. Solution
  Bug Fix 90148 Profile Management Data Sync The sync would not start because the default value of the Status Reason field was incorrect. Solution

Cloud Update [April 23, 2017]

  Improvement Suppression Lists The time it took to send an email with a suppression list was greatly reduced. Cloud


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