Email Stat Delays in US and EU Resolved.

11pm UTC 4/7/2017

At this time we are seeing email stats for all regions sync within expected times.  Our operations team has worked to optimize our backend systems and enhance resources to mitigate future instances of this occurring.  We apologize for any disruption to business processes.  Please alert our Support team if you have any questions or see additional issues.  

11pm UTC 4/6/2017

We are beginning to see sync times for US environments resolve.  Our team will continue to monitor and provide a final update here when fully resolved.  

5pm UTC 4/6/2017

We now believe all EU delays should be resolved via operations maintenance and testing.  We are still working through our US systems and will report back as we know more with this region. 

8pm UTC 4/5/2017

We are receiving reports of intermittent delays in email stats writing back from some customers in the US and EU. Our operations team is investigating with urgency.  Please alert our support team if you believe you are experiencing abnormal delays.  We will report back here as soon as we know more. 

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