ClickDimensions Application Change Log

Title: ClickDimensions Change Log
Audience: Technical
Feature/Category: Setup, Administration, Upgrade
Last Modified: 3/4/2013 by Matt Wittemann

Release Date: 02/14/2013 ClickDimensions Version 4.2.0 (Build 5.2)

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on February 14, 2013:

Change Description Notes
New Feature GoToWebinar integration
New Feature Newly designed Email Statistics for display in sent Email Send records
New Feature Cross-browser support
New Feature Web Analytics no longer requires plugins to run in CRM - calculations and other operations are processed in the ClickDimensions cloud
Bug fix Block Editor (Email Template): " Insert code snippet " after you choose "Microsite" not able to choose "Unsubscribe"  
Bug fix Block Editor (Email Template): "Block Width" variable with "Block spacing"  
Bug fix Block Editor (Email Template): "Undo" / "Redo" not working on change Block Width.  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): 2 scrolls bar instead of one  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): After adding different sized borders Block Width total = 590 PX /599 PX  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Block width : block = -1? the counting isn't correct  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): block width doesn't count border correctly  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): block width doesn't count left border  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Block Width Total 603 PX  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Block Width: resize image Limited to 20PX but allows to change manualy to 1PX  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Block with Social Link content is not is reduced.  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): border doesn't look good in the email  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Can not add " Microsite block" and "Unsubscribe block" after theme cleaning  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): clicked to "Edit" on the block with content - Buttons "Previous" and "Next" look empty  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): clicking on save and nothing happens  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Code snippet button missing  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Container width reduction  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): content "Image Bottom" not included at option "Resize image" and not display the image in option"Edit"  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Edit doesn't always show the content  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Error page  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Fixed issue with extra border space being added  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Full screen: When clicking right click --> add content nothing happens  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Getting error when clicking on images lists  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): HTML Block can't change image size  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): instead of 15 px it shows just 1 px in the email  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Location of blocks reversed by opened to email.  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): resize image  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): resize the picture to larger size causes an error message  
Bug fix Block Editor (Email Template): Social Links screen in content doesn't look good  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Telerik: Error page  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): Text flows to another block  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): when choosing background color - none, the background color is with color.  
Bug fix Block editor (Email Template): when trying to add content you will see blank block  
Bug fix Block Editor (Lading Page): Error message  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  after iserting form to block, can't see the form  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  block width can't be -  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  border equals to 0 instead of 20  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  can create block less than 30 px.  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  resize background image wrong message  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  The width of the box is set to 3 digits but if you enter 4 you won't see 1 digit.  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  Title Doesn't come in for Page View Title - Block Editor  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  Top and Bottom Menus  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page):  When increasing the container width nothing happens  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): " Resize Backround Image " gives an option to increase but actually is not increased  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): "Block Width Dialog"showing the wrong data after changing "block spacing" or "container width"  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): auto fill button should be larger  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): block editor: Border missing  
Bug fix Block editor (Landing Page): Block is less than 30 px and error message in "resize image"  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): Block spacing does not change  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): in block width screen not possible put a number 4 digits  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): inserting link url instead of clearly message getting error  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): Resize images in the blocks after resize Container Width  
Bug fix Block Editor (Landing Page): wrong counting  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: Google plus does not have click statistics  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: No data in report page.  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: Showing 3 boxes on the same link  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: Statistics bar appear without any relation to any link.  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: Statistics not working in CRM 4.0 when active  
Bug fix Click Heat Map: wrong calculation  
Bug fix Clone: Error message when clicking "Clone" button in CRM 4.  
Bug fix Clone: Original Email of a Clone > Split test process show Click Heat Map report page of the cloned email  
Bug fix Code Snippets: Getting server error  
Bug fix Custom HTML: If copying a link from image link and put it in img tag, you won't see it in preview  
Bug fix Domains: Error message when doing any use of special characters  
Bug fix Domains: unnecessary scroll bar  
Bug fix Email -after receiving email links do not open  
Bug fix Email events: instead of 2 unique click there is just 1  
Bug fix Email preview: doesn't show any content  
Bug fix Email Send Approve Window always says "test group"  
Bug fix Email Send: after sent email does not display a statistics ,message: "Internet explorer cannot display the webpage"  
Bug fix Email Send: Can't choose editor type  
Bug fix Email Send: Error Report  
Bug fix Email Send: Split test: doesn't save your changes after clicking on next  
Bug fix Email Send: wrong calculation of statistics  
Bug fix Email template: Can't see the new block  
Bug fix Error when insert form in LP- freestyle  
Bug fix Error when Publishing Landing Page Web Content  
Bug fix File Upload error message when uploading EXE file in Zip or Word doc  
Bug fix File upload: Corrupted excel  
Bug fix File upload: needs to be message when inserting file that > 10M and not "problem loading page"  
Bug fix Form Field Mapping: Checkbox fields override even when they shouldn't  
Bug fix Form Fields: "Next" and "Previous" properties are missing in dialog box (in Subscription form)  
Bug fix Form Fields: "Test Alias" button opens and close browser window without any result.  
Bug fix Form Fields: "Test Alias" checking opens a unfriendly user message  
Bug fix Form Fields: Assign action in form is not working  
Bug fix Form Fields: Assign enables multiple assigns  
Bug fix Form Fields: Assign post action assign new user to wrong "owner"  
Bug fix Form Fields: Error when clicking "Move Up" or "Move Down" arrows  
Bug fix Form Fields: Fields do not automatically mapped  
Bug fix Form Fields: Form reset after page refresh  
Bug fix Form Fields: Some Form Fields looks misplaced in the browser  
Bug fix Form Fields: The display in radio type should be the same as checkbox  
Bug fix Form Fields: Typo in the "add all values?" mapping message  
Bug fix Form: "Landing Page" link in an email opens a blank page.  
Bug fix Form: Missing field line  
Bug fix Form: Widget adds spaces to Text Area fields  
Bug fix Forms: After clicking on OK button scroll bar appears  
Bug fix Forms: Auto Responder does not populate From Name or From Email when a From User is selected  
Bug fix Forms: Can't create new question with options  
Bug fix Forms: Can't delete options - the delete button disappear  
Bug fix Forms: Can't edit Required Error message on List field  
Bug fix Forms: can't insert email template if you use the search bar  
Bug fix Forms: Can't select user to the assign action  
Bug fix Forms: confirmation text - image manager have unnecessary scrollbar  
Bug fix Forms: Confirmation text gives an error  
Bug fix Forms: CRM4 forms doesn't upload properly  
Bug fix Forms: Doesn't have the option to enter Assign action  
Bug fix Forms: Error Page  
Bug fix Forms: Error Page when clicking on sort  
Bug fix Forms: Form distorted when changing radio button selection in mapping tab.  
Bug fix Forms: Forms (Profile link) via email opens an empty page  
Bug fix Forms: Half hidden buttons  
Bug fix Forms: hidden field doesn't need read only and required  
Bug fix Forms: If selecting skip logic to empty option(list/radio/checkbox) automatically it will marks the empty question  
Bug fix Forms: in subscription and survey there is no message on missing email component  
Bug fix Forms: new check box/radio/list don't have skip logic options  
Bug fix forms: not mapped while it should be.  
Bug fix Forms: Radio button should have the same mapping as checkbox under picklist map  
Bug fix Forms: Rate/checkbox question doesn't appear in the survey  
Bug fix Forms: read only field that set to false in subscription give "in" in posted subscription  
Bug fix Forms: Required doesn't work on textArea  
Bug fix Forms: Save doesn't clean the cache like publish  
Bug fix Forms: Screen of fields need resize, the cancel button is cut.  
Bug fix Forms: Select go to question instead of select skip to question  
Bug fix Forms: Skip logic doesn't work  
Bug fix Forms: Sort Asc and Desc doen't work on new items  
Bug fix Forms: Strange message when delete assign action  
Bug fix Forms: stuck on processing  
Bug fix forms: Survey doesn't look good  
Bug fix Forms: The align in the submit doesn't affect at all  
Bug fix Forms: The buttons are partially hidden  
Bug fix Forms: The date field doesn't look good  
Bug fix Forms: there are no fields that the user can map in Radio field  
Bug fix Forms: unnecessary scroll bar  
Bug fix Forms: Unnecessary scrollbar  
Bug fix Forms: when clicking on previous in the last page you will direct to the first one instead to the previous page  
Bug fix Forms: You can edit label + value if you don't choose any item  
Bug fix Forms:After submit, you won't see the posted form under posted forms  
Bug fix Forms:invisible scrollbar  
Bug fix Forms:LP: when insert forms you won't see anything  
Bug fix Free style/block editor: designer doesn't look good  
Bug fix Free style: check box doesn't look good  
Bug fix Freestyle Editor: Cannot insert any web content form into free style  
Bug fix Freestyle Editor: Landing Page link opens with a partially 404 error  
Bug fix Hidden field: doesn't override if the default value is empty  
Bug fix Hide create new visitor lead/contact from the main screen when choosing LP in web content.  
Bug fix Iframe in Block Editor showing only part of template  
Bug fix Image Map links are not being tracked  
Bug fix Inbox Preview: Android not working  
Bug fix Link from email opens several windows of the link  
Bug fix LP - free style: The window doesn't look good.  
Bug fix LP borders doesn't change if you want to change from all to one side...(left/right etc..)  
Bug fix LP: Error page after embed  
Bug fix LP: free style: there is snippet code button under LP free style while it shouldn't be there  
Bug fix Nurture - error message in creating new nurture  
Bug fix Nurture (Timeline) :click to template link caused message "Records is Unavailabel"  
Bug fix Nurture : Builder is not opened  
Bug fix nurture : invisible scrollbar  
Bug fix Nurture- timeline: When clicking on links that in the timeline there is unavailable record error.  
Bug fix Nurture: background color in timeline is changing for long programs nurture  
Bug fix Nurture: border does not exists at the end of builder nurture.reason:screen was cut  
Bug fix nurture: builder screen without content  
Bug fix Nurture: Can not view the Timeline  
Bug fix Nurture: CRM 4: The buttons are grey  
Bug fix Nurture: new window opens after save + save and close doesn't response  
Bug fix Nurture: nurture screen doesn't look good  
Bug fix Nurture: record is unavailable message  
Bug fix Nurture: Sometimes the search doesn't work  
Bug fix Nurture: The from user disappear  
Bug fix Nurture: the task screen doesn't fit to the process screen  
Bug fix nurture: Time Line is not updated  
Bug fix Nurture: unnecessary Scroll bar  
Bug fix Nurture: When maximize the window we should resize the Iframe also.  
Bug fix Nurture: While saving" Notify user dialog" opened " Notify team confirm dialog"  
Bug fix Nurture:TimeLine: doesn't show what it supposed to  
Bug fix Print Contact Record Error  
Bug fix Profile page : A form is not posted.  
Bug fix Profile Page : Creating a new forms makes sending two email message to recipient  
Bug fix Profile page : field " Age" is not updated in the Lead .  
Bug fix Profile page : subscriptions form not posted .  
Bug fix Profile page field: posted form not created value in the contact field "Address 1:country/region "  
Bug fix Profile page: All new forms with different email address updated in the same contact only.  
Bug fix Profile Page: Posted Form created the lead instead of contact  
Bug fix Profile page: there is unnecessary scrollbar  
Bug fix Profile: Entering company name with <> you won't see it in the company name in profile  
Bug fix Profile: not getting any details from the email.  
Bug fix Render Error Event also gives Deliver  
Bug fix Send Email : Clone email caused to error message  
Bug fix Small Resolutions Won't Show "Save" or "Ok" Option on some Windows  
Bug fix Social Integration: No social statistics data presented  
Bug fix Social Integration: Social Links dialog box show default values when you edit SL's on email template  
Bug fix Social links: border in free style but doesn't in block editor while it should be.  
Bug fix Social Links: Can't insert - the page never loads  
Bug fix Social Links: No Social Links option exist in Split Test editor  
Bug fix Social Links: Social links are a bit misplaced  
Bug fix Social Links: When doing split test and sharing via "Strategy B" email, new page presents "Strategy A" email  
Bug fix Social: Preview buttons are links to a 404 Error  
Bug fix Split Test: Email Subject of Strategy B is the same as Strategy A even after changing it.  
Bug fix Split Test: Freemarker in Subject causes error  
Bug fix Split test: Next button doesn't look disabled  
Bug fix Split test: Server Error  
Bug fix Statistics: Wrong calculations  
Bug fix Survey Logic: Missing logo of survey logic  
Bug fix TextMessage: After adding ML to bulk text message it's say's no ML even if you refresh the screen  
Bug fix Typo in Workflow rules  
Bug fix Unsubscribe Snippet does not override Subscription Preferences  
Bug fix Web content: Confirmation text: can't see all the text Iv'e entered  
Bug fix Web content: form - validation for text box  
Bug fix Web content: form: undefined error when mapping check box  
Bug fix Web content: if you are choosing another type of web content the editor type should be blank (CRM 4)  
Bug fix Web content: Scrolls bar in email component while it shouldn't be  
Bug fix Web content: Stuck on processing  
Bug fix Web content: subscription: the label width in the wrong place  
Bug fix Web content: survey: display Question numbers for components  
Bug fix Web content: Survey: The number of the questions isn't correct  
Bug fix Web content: survey: wrong message when deleting a page break  
Bug fix Web content: surveys: Error report  
Bug fix Web content: Surveys: Refresh the page and missing fields, Error page  
Bug fix Web content: Surveys: Scroll bar shouldn't be in the page properties.  
Bug fix Web content: The fields under form should be more understandable  
Bug fix Web content: The new button is cut  
Bug fix Web content: when clicking on close button nothing happens  
Bug fix When clicking on test Alias the name of the page is send text message and it's wrong  
Bug fix Widget: Appears it conflicts with Wordpress  

Release Date: 11/8/2012 ClickDimensions Version 4.1.0 (Build 5.1)

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on November 8, 2012:

Release Notes 11/08/2012
Change Description Notes
New Feature Social Sharing Links Ability to add social sharing links in email and track the shares
New Feature Bulk Text (SMS) Ability to compose and distribute SMS messages from CRM via Twilio
Enhancement Team Notification Form actions now include a function to notify members of a team when a   form is posted
Enhancement Nurture Timeline Nurture Programs have been improved with the ability to see the progress   of a nurture instance on an individual lead or contact via a   "timeline"
Enhancement Spell Check Email template editors now include a spell checker
Enhancement Clone Web Content Forms, Surveys, and Subscription Management web contents can now be   copied using a Clone button
Enhancement File upload Forms now support file upload, with a File Upload component that can be   dragged onto the form. Files are stored in CRM as attachments
Enhancement Scheduled Split Tests Email Sends that use the Split Test functionality can now be scheduled   instead of just sent immediately
Enhancement Test Email Send to multiple recipients Users can enter multiple recipients in the test email field on an email   send, separated by semicolons
New Feature Heat Map Report Visualize the success of your email click-throughs by running the Heat   Map Click Report on an Email Send
New Feature Tracking Cookie Alert Javascript is available for customers to implement to alert website   visitors about the use of tracking cookies
Enhancement Survey Report Improvements to the report on Survey Answers toolbar
Enhancement Block Freemail Addresses in Forms Option to block common free email address from being input into email   fields on forms
Enhancement Publish Button When web content records are modified in CRM, it is no longer necessary   to open the ClickDimensions Designer to update the web content. Users can   simply click a Publish button on the Web Content record
Bug fix Block Editor formatting and alignment of items in the block editor has been   corrected;  fixed issues with window   resizing; applying h1 - h6 tags now works; other minor fixes to block editor   UI
Bug fix Web Content Fix to ensure subdomain aliases are used in web content records;   formatting compatibility for various browsers, cosmetic changes to UI
Bug fix Nurture Programs various fixes to dialogs and lookups
Bug fix Email Template Editors Modified labels of dynamic data inserts for clarity; fixed issues with   image maps;
Bug fix Form Fields Fixed issue where if a Form Field of type "List" was not   mapped, none of the form's posted fields would be mapped; other fixes to Form   Fields
Bug fix Inbox Preview Fixed issue with inbox preview not rendering some tests and outputs
Bug fix Survey Fixed issue with skipping required questions

Release Date: 5/14/2012 ClickDimensions Version 3.3.0

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on May 14, 2012:

Release Notes 5/14/2012
Change Description Notes
New Feature

Simple Editor "Custom HTML"

 A new Email Template editor option was added to allow direct uploading of custom HTML
New Feature

 Merged Blocks

The Block Editor has new layout options to allow merging of blocks and column/row spans
New Feature

 Survey Report

A new Survey Report was added, accessible from a Posted Survey record to display the results of all Posted Surveys for a given ClickDimensions survey
New Feature

 Nurture Program Builder Team Notification

A new feature was added to enable a Team Notification step in the Nurture Program Builder
New Feature

 Nurture Program Builder Execute CRM Workflow step

A new feature was added to enable the execution of a native CRM workflow rule from the Nurture Program Builder
New Feature

 Web Content Embed Widget

In addition to a direct link and an iframe embed code option, Web Content records (such as forms) can be embedded via a JavaScript widget, which can be placed directly in a web page's HTML

 Override field will not override a value with a null value

If a visitor submits a form and leaves a mapped field blank, the blank value will not override an existing value in the CRM record

 Email Preview Devices View

The Inbox Preview feature has been enhanced with the addition of visual representations of mobile devices to give a more accurate representation of how an email will appear on those devices

 Form Layout

Spacing on forms designed with ClickDimensions has been improved for appearance

 Various UI

Various UI enhancements have been made throughout the ClickDimensions application pages visible to end users

 Soft Bounce to Hard Bounce time limit

Previously, if 4 soft bounces were recorded for a recipient over any span of time, the email was categorized as a hard bounce and the recipient address blocked. 4 soft bounces must now occur within 3 months to classify as a hard bounce

 Nurture Program Builder marketing lists

Only static marketing lists are supported with the Nurture Program Builder. The UI has been updated to prevent the selection of dynamic marketing lists
Bug fix

 Form Actions

Various fixes to form action bugs were implemented
Bug fix

 Block Editor

Errors have been corrected regarding: text alignment, double-click of layout options, image centering and text wrapping; line spacing; external images, and UI messages; image folder naming; template selection corrected;
Bug fix


Implemented fix to correct HTML layout and font of surveys; text box formatting; ratings question rendering;
Bug fix

 Nurture Program Builder

Various fixes to support browser versions including IE8; performance fixes; setting task properties error fixed; notifications issues fixed; other fixes
Bug fix

 Web Content

Display issues were corrected when special characters were used; page break margins and formatting; email address validation; field validation messages; font selection; margin settings; autoresponder issues; field and button layout;
Bug fix

 Score settings

Corrected issues with mismatched score settings
Bug fix


Single quotes in HTML page titles sometimes caused tracking to not occur
Bug fix

 Text editor (Email Template Block Editor component)

 Fixes to template text editor, including container background color; formatting and layout fixes
Bug fix


From owner/not from owner issue fixed
Bug fix

Workflow generated email

Fixed issue with text portion of template not being sent when template was sent through workflow
Bug fix

 Email Templates (general)

Corrected display of email on various devices, mail clients
Bug fix


Corrected issue with double posting of email address for subscription preferences

Release Date: 3/15/2012

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on March 15, 2012:

Release Notes 3/15/2012
Change Description Notes
Enhancement: Office 365 Support

ClickDimensions supports CRM Online versions that are part of Office 365 subscriptions.

Enhancement: Web Content Designer

The following enhancements have been made to the Web Content designer:

  • Multiple columns: Fields can be arranged in up to three columns and can span across columns
  • Field resizing has been enabled
  • Custom label formatting has been enabled
  • Custom validation of field data entry can be added in the Web Content designer, such as regex or email format validation
  • Fields now support default values
  • Form Actions: A new feature has been deployed that allows users to define "form actions" - custom actions that take place after a form is submitted. These include:
    • Auto-response
    • Follow-up tasks
    • Add the submitter to a marketing list
    • Send email notification of form submission to users
    • Create a campaign response
  • When deleting a web content record, the related form/survey/subscription html file will be deleted from ClickDimensions storage
Bug Fixes: Block Editor

The following fixes have been implemented for the Block Editor:

- Ability to use the document manager in text orientation

- Ability to open the table properties dialog

- Double load of wizard steps is fixed

Bug fix: Import/Export Utility Added UTF 8 encoding to export file (to support non-ASCII characters)  
Bug fix: Field mapping In some cases the mapping of a dropdown field to a text field was not working. This has been fixed.  
Bug fix: ownerid field When using the ownerid field as a dynamic data field in Email Sends, the incorrect user had been used. This has been corrected. The ownerid field now represents the owning user of the recipient of the email.  
Bug fix: files with spaces Images and files with spaces in the names are now blocked to prevent errors with rendering  

Release Date: 3/2/2012

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on March 2, 2012:

Release Notes 3/2/2012
Change Description Notes
New Feature: Email Send Clone

The Email Send entity ribbon has been updated to include a "Clone" button which can be used to clone/copy an Email Send that has been sent. Clicking the Clone button creates a new Email Send record with the same values and template as the Email Send being cloned.

 See the User Guide for more information.
Enhancement: Email Send Editor full screen When working with an Email Send, the associated Email Template is shown in an iframe on the Email Send form. A button has been added to the toolbar in this iframe to allow the template to be opened in full screen mode.  
New Feature: Nurture module A new feature has been released called the "Nurture Program Builder". The nurture program builder is available in the ClickDimensions Settings area. The Nurture Program Builder provides our users a simple drag-and-drop tree interface where they can quickly and easily build automated nurture programs. See the blog article:
New server IP address A new IP address was added for ClickDimensions functionality to support the Nurture Program Builder: If your organization restricts access to your CRM from the internet by limiting the originating IP addresses that can access your CRM, your firewall rules must be updated to permit this IP address to access CRM.
Enhancement: Image Manager The Image Manager in the editor for Email Templates now presents images as tiles for easier previewing  

Release Date: 2/2/2012

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on February 2, 2012:

Release Notes 2/2/2012
Change Description Notes
New Feature: Block Editor

The Email Template designer has been improved to offer marketers with two ways to create professionally-designed HTML email templates: the freestyle designer and the new Block Editor. The Block Editor allows the user to select from a number of pre-designed layouts and then modify these layouts with simple clicks to add, remove and edit blocks in the layout.

 See the blog posting here:
Bug fix: Long form fields in v4 Some users reported that the web content designer threw an error in v4 when a form field list is very long. This has been fixed.  
Bug fix: Dynamic Marketing List User Context ClickDimensions has been modified to retrieve dynamic list members based on the email send record owner's security context and not based on the ClickDimensions service user  
Bug fix: Form Capture entity creation When setting the visitor entity to be created in CRM to "Contact" in a ClickDimensions form capture, the value was overridden with lead and leads were being created instead. This has been fixed.  
Bug fix: plugin error v2011 plugin threw an error "There is already an open DataReader associated with this Command which must be closed first". This error has been fixed in the new plugin available with this update  
Bug fix: Missing scroll bar The web content landing page designer was missing a scroll bar inside the editor in some browsers. This has been fixed.  
Bug fix: Image Designer button error The image designer button threw an error when clicked. This has been fixed.  


Release Date: 1/22/2012

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on January 22, 2012:

Release Notes 1/22/2012
Change Description Notes
Web Content v2

The Web Content functionality has been upgraded for a new version (Web Content version 2) that includes the following enhancements:

  1. Components:  We now have both fields and ‘components’.  Components are:

         i.      Section title (so you can have form sections)

         ii.      Line (as a divider)

         iii.      Captcha (a slider bar on the form that a visitor must drag and slide to prove that he/she is a person and not a bot)

         iv.      Wizard (place it between groups of fields and the form will be on multiple pages with next/previous buttons so you will have a multi-step form)

         v.      HTML (for going off road: allows the user to inject his/her own HTML inside the form)

  1. On the form fields we now have different icons for each field type.  This just makes the UI easier to use and more visually pleasing (i.e. we are stressing quality in all things visible or under the hood)
  2. Users can now create new form fields ‘on the fly’ as they are building a form.  Like our other form fields these will also be reusable so they can be pulled into other forms
  3. Search box has been added for users that have long lists of form fields and want to quickly find something
  4. Unsubscribe all: it is now possible to change the text of the "unsubscribe all" check box in the subscription designer. It is also possible to remove this field from the subscription page.
 Deliverability Enhancement  All email messages processed through ClickDimensions now include the Unsubscribe header  This is a standard header inclusion to increase email acceptance by many ISPs
 Bug fix: Unsubscribe link  In some cases the unsubscribe tag curly brackets are replaced with %7B and %7D. The application was updated so the email processing service will render these properly.  This had caused some unsubscribe links in Email Templates to not work when a recipient clicked on them.
 Web Content Cache  Forms, surveys, landing pages and subscription HTML files are now set to be cached for 30 minutes. To view the most recent changes, use the Preview button inside the designer.  Caching was previously not set for a pre-determined timeout. This has been set to 30 minutes for consistency of results.


Release Date: 12/22/2011

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on December 22, 2011:

Release Notes 12/22/2011
Change Description Notes
Bug fix: image name path problem

In the case of a space between words, the path is presented wrong.

Feature: Hard Bounce Stats

Added "hard bounce" calculation to the stats chart

 Feature: Credits Usage Charts

Credits usage page has been changed to include charts for latest use

Bug fix: special characters

Added support for special characters in designers

Bug fix: Corrected label of ownerid on Email Send

ownerid name in email send presents the correct label

Feature: Support for custom domains

Added support for custom domain for forms/surveys/subscription/landing pages instead of (by mapping CNAME to

Feature: Dynamic Content via Connections (CRM 2011)

Dynamic content support for v2011 by using the Connections entity and ability to loop on records

Feature: Selectable record type

Feature: set record creation type for form capture (lead or contact)

Bug fix: Incorrect error Page for dynamic lists

Error page is displayed when dynamic list that is associated to Email Send is empty

Feature: Block Editor

Integration with ClickDimensions Block Editor

Bug fix: Unsubscribe all

If a user choses to "unsubscribe all" and later changes it, the "do not send" field was still set to true. This has been corrected.

Feature: Form Builder Redirect

Added support for ability to redirect response to a url instead of presenting HTML response

Feature: Image Size

Image size upload limit set to 500k

Bug fix: Decoding of posted fields.

Posted field not decoded. Fixed.

Bug fix: Unique opens calculation

Calculation of unique opens should be based on email events

Feature: Team Sender

Added support to send email from team

Feature: Tracking Script Improvement

The tracking script has been improved for performance

Feature: Google Analytics integration

Added support for tracking email campaign with Google Analytics:

Feature: Parent account field merge

Added new personalization field to merge contact's parent customer data

Feature: Email Send via API

When clicking the send button inside Email Send, the email will not be sent using workflow. Instead, it will directly hit ClickDimensions API. Only delayed sends will be sent through WF.

Feature: Clone Email

A "Clone Email "button has been added to clone an email

Bug fix: Apostrophe in email address

Added support for apostrophe in email

In response to feature request:



Release Date: 8/8/2011

The following changes were made to the ClickDimensions application and released on August 8, 2011:

Release Notes 8/8/2011
Change Description Notes
Error Trace

 An account error trace was added to the ClickDimensions Settings page which includes the latest errors encountered by the system.


 Implemented to assist with troubleshooting and to improve application performance.
 Email Send Status

 Every email send request that has been accepted by our service and that is being processed will generate an email event with the status:



Large sends (over 10,000 emails) will generate additional events to indicate on end of processing and before sending.

 Landing Pages   A new feature that enables customers to design landing pages directly within the solution has been implemented. A button was also added to the email editor to allow the insertion of a link to the landing page designed by the user.  
 Architectural changes  Significant architectural changes made in Microsoft Azure to support great scalability, reduced maintenance and performance issues.  
Hard bounce threshold reduced Previously, five soft bounces were required before a hard bounce was recorded against a sent email. This threshold has been reduced to four.  
Survey formatting The body of a survey has been limited to 600px in width in order to improve formatting and rendering in a broad variety of browsers and clients.  
Support for secondary email addresses

The Email Send entity has been updated to support allowing users to select which email address should be used to send to recipients.


Performance improvements

 The Profile page and Editor page have been modified to improve load-time performance

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