Release Notes Version 4.3 [July 15, 2013]

Note that some of these issues were pushed out previous to July 15, 2013.

  Improvement Social Integration

New social integration using Full Contact to pull in contacts' and leads' images and previous work information from social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. Learn More.

  Improvement SMS Settings

Changed settings labels that were confusing. Learn More.

  Improvement Nurture

From Name and From Email on an Email node now support Freemarker and up to 200 characters.

  Improvement Text Version

Freemarker if statements are now supported in the text version.

  Improvement Form Field - Hidden

Hidden type form fields can now be mapped to picklist fields. Learn More.

  Improvement Auto Text Version

A text version can be automatically generated for an Email Template by pressing the button in the Text version window. Learn More.

  Improvement Email Send Sent On

Added a "Sent On" field to the Email Send for the time and date the email was actually sent. As well as a couple of other cosmetic changes to the Email Send entity.

  Improvement SMS Country Code

Added the country code for Singapore to the SMS Settings.

  Improvement Survey Answers

If a survey question has multiple options for answers, in the Survey Report those answer options are ordered alpha-numerically now.

  Improvement Workflow Emails

It is now possible to send From any email and name rather than only the option to pick a user when using the Send ClickDimensions Email step in a CRM Workflow. Learn More.

  Improvement Editor Managers

In the Template editors in the Image, Document, and Layout Managers it will not allow uploading files or creating folders with characters that would create a faulty URL.

  Improvement Email Statistics

The statistics now go to 2 decimal points. Learn More.


  Bug Fix   Landing Page

If you shared the link to a landing page it would show a bunch of characters in the preview.

  Bug Fix   Failed Split Test

If one split job failed, there was a possibility that the other set could continue to send out over and over again.

  Bug Fix   Profile Management Forms

If an email with a profile management form link was sent out to a large number of people, the content may not show in the form.

  Bug Fix   Survey List Question

When a list had the number 0 as an option, the list would default to that option instead of defaulting to blank.

  Bug Fix   Settings

Added a scroll bar to settings when it is necessary.

  Bug Fix   Settings - Metadata

Publishing metadata on one of these browsers would do nothing: Chrome, Firefox, Safari.

  Bug Fix   Email Send Statistics

Bounces were not adding up correctly

  Bug Fix   Email Notification Action

If there were line brakes in a question or form field label, they would show as brake tags <br/> in the Email Notification.

  Bug Fix   Forms - Source Campaign

There was a short period where if a Campaign was set on a Form web content record it was not updating a new Lead with that campaign as the Source Campaign.

  Bug Fix   Web Tracking - Twitter Referring Host

The referring host (Twitter) was showing as the Referrer Type of Search Engine. It now shows as Social.

  Bug Fix   Settings - Export

Would produce an error in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

  Bug Fix   Unsubscribe/Microsite Snippets

Various issues that would cause the URLs to not resolve correctly have been fixed.

  Bug Fix   Survey Question - Checkbox

A checkbox type question with only one checkbox option would not appear correctly on the survey.

  Bug Fix   Unsubscribe Snippet

If someone unsubscribed through Subscription Preferences from one or more lists, then received an email sent to another list they were still opted into, and unsubscribed using the global unsubscribe snippet, it wouldn't globally unsubscribe them.

  Bug Fix   Form Builder

If the window was smaller and the ribbon buttons condensed and had a drop down arrow, the drop down menu would show behind the designer.

  Bug Fix   Form/Survey Block in Landing Page Block Editor 

There were caching issues that occurred when using the Form/survey block in the Landing Page Block Editor.

  Bug Fix    Email Send Jumps

Sometimes when creating a new Email Send, it would jump down to the HTML Version part after a few seconds. There is no longer a jump. 

  Bug Fix   Assign Action

If the ClickDimensions dedicated user did not have the System Administrator security role, the Assign Action for forms, surveys, and subscription management would not work. We added the "Assign" for Contacts and Leads to the ClickDimensions Service role to fix this.

  Bug Fix   Text Area Field

On forms and surveys it would automatically have a space in the field which meant if the field was required someone could miss the field and submit it. The space is still there, but you cannot submit the form with just the space in the field.



The Score field has been deprecated. Only the Total Score field is now updated.

Other bug fixes and small improvements were also implemented.

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  • 0
    Bet Mendoza

    The text version creation in an email is very helpful.  However, we get a lot of blank lines between paragraphs, and have to clean those up, too.

  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Hi Bet,

    Yes, that does happen unfortunately, and we have reported this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience! We hope to get that cleared up.

  • 0
    Heidi Flaig

    Regarding the Social Integration improvement, is there no longer a one-click way to kick off a LinkedIn search? It seems like the LinkedIn information rarely appears for our Leads due to multiple email addresses but we can typically find the person with a quick full name search on LinkedIn. Before the recent update, it was very simple to kick off this search with just one click from the Profile. Am I just overlooking this link or has it been removed?

  • 0
    Matthew Wittemann

    @Flaig: LinkedIn has been making restrictive changes to their API, which is one of the reasons we had to change how our Social Profile page worked. This is the first version of Social Profiles using Full Contact's API and in future releases we're planning some improvements to it. But as you noted, the previous LinkedIn search functionality is no longer available.

  • 0
    Pat Beautz

    Great news on adding the "Email Send Sent On"  now we can start running some historical reports off of this data more easily.  How does adding this field affect past email sends?  I'm hoping that you are doing some kind of conversion using data from the Sent Email table in order to get a date close to when the overall Email Send was sent.


  • 0
    Matthew Wittemann

    Hi Pat: We're not going back and filling in past dates, but you can manually fill it in or perhaps use a workflow (copy the "Created On" date into the "Sent On" date to get an approximate date/time, for example).

  • 0
    Alistair Mackay

    "Hidden type form fields can now be mapped to picklist fields"

    I can't see this as an option - I can only choose List or Hidden. Is there an extra Hidden check box or something within List that I should be able to see?

    On the attached file "Function" I'm trying to map Function to the pick list within the Contact but I can't see it.


  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Hi Alistair: Keep the type as hidden and when you put the field in the designer, go to the properties and there you can choose to map it to a picklist. In the default value you will need to put the schema name of that option for it to map correctly.

  • 0
    Alex Carlock

    We're still running MS CRM on-premises Update Rollup 11, is there a specific UR requirement for this release?

  • 0
    Matthew Wittemann

    Our UR requirement has not changed for CRM 2011 - it is still UR7+

  • 0
    Andrew Czachowski

    Hi Guys, I've just recently upgraded to 4.3 and am not seeing "Send ClickDimensions Email" as an option when adding a step to a workflow. Are there additional steps that I need to take to set this up after the upgrade? 

  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    @Andrew: Sorry for the delay, it seems your post got stuck in the spam filter. The "Send ClickDimensions Email" step should be there, it was there before this upgrade as well. Make sure you're going to "Create New Record" and then choosing "Send ClickDimensions Email" from the drop down menu. If you're still having trouble finding it please submit a support ticket to Thank you!

  • 0
    Joris Vanderlinden


    Is the issue with the missing fields in the Posted Forms Report not going to be fixed in this release?

  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Hi Joris,

    This post was for the July release last year. The current issue where if there are multiple fields with the same name it does not show them all should be fixed in the release on July 15, 2014.

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