Release Notes Version 5 [First updated: October 15, 2013]

Note that some of these issues were pushed out previous to October 15, 2013.

5.0 [October 15, 2013]

  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor

A new editor option has been added for Email Templates. Learn More.

Solution File & Cloud

  Improvement Image Editor

Within the new drag and drop editor there is also an image editor allowing you to crop, rotate, add text, change colors, saturation, etc.

Solution File & Cloud

  Improvement Date Field

Added new option for the Form Field types Date and DateTime. Once the field is added to the form, open the properties, go to formatting, and you can change the format to d/m/y or m/d/y. 

  Improvement SMS Country Codes

When setting up SMS settings it asks for your country code - we've added all possible country codes supported by Twilio. Learn More.

  Improvement Social Sharing

When sharing an email, it always showed We've added a domain field to the social sharing options so you can pick any CNAME you have set up to redirect to We pull this from your Domain records in CRM. Learn More.

  Improvement Password Reset

You can now update your ClickDimensions CRM User password that you use to connect to ClickDimensions even after you've already changed it with Microsoft. Learn More.

  Improvement Security Roles The ClickDimensions User role allows for Append and Append To for the Form Capture and Form Capture Field entities Solution
  Improvement Entity Views All views for ClickDimensions entities are now editable. Note: if you change them, they will change back when you update ClickDimensions. It is recommended that you create your own views. Solution


  Bug Fix   From Email Limit

The number of characters allowed for From Name and From Email fields has been increased to 200 so using longer Freemarker is possible.


  Bug Fix   Auto Text Version Lines

Got rid of a lot of the extra line breaks that appear in the auto generated text version. 


  Bug Fix   Social Sharing - Facebook Sharing to Facebook wouldn't post to the Facebook wall. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Typing in Fields Some fields in Safari on a Mac would not allow for typing. This has been taken care of. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Social Profile Couldn't see all information on the Contact/Lead profile page on smaller resolution screens. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Lead Score When updating the version of ClickDimensions it reset the point values in the Score Settings window even though the actual values were still the same as you had them. It now reflects the right values (it does not change anything when CD is updated). Cloud
  Bug Fix   Manual Download Update In Auto Update the Manual download did not work in IE 10. Cloud
  Bug Fix   GoToWebinar If an Event record was created manually it would stop all information from coming in from GoToWebinar.  
  Bug Fix   Heat Map If there was a colon (:) in a URL it wouldn't show the heat map percentage for that URL  
  Bug Fix   Form Fields Were hard coded values so changing the language messed them up. Solution File
  Bug Fix   Landing Page - Form/Survey Block Choosing this option produced some errors. Cloud (10/31/13)

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

5.0.1 [November 14, 2013]

  Bug Fix   Email Template Script Error

Using CRM for Outlook if you opened an Email Template it would produce a script error.


  Bug Fix   Click Report

The option for the click report was not there in CRM 2013


  Bug Fix   Unsubscribe in Drag and Drop

When sending to over 500 people it was not recognizing the unsubscribe link in the Drag and Drop and produced an error upon hitting Send not allowing for the email to go out.


  Bug Fix   GoToWebinar

When setting up a new connection there was an error "Something went wrong. Please try to authenticate again." 

Cloud (11/15/13)

5.0.2 [November 20, 2013] 

Notes: Solution file is for CRM 2013 only. Some cloud updates for all.

  Bug Fix   Social Profile The Profile navigation link on Leads and Contacts produced an error in CRM 2013 Solution
  Bug Fix   Nurture Navigation Link The Nurture navigation link on Leads and Contacts was not there in  CRM 2013. Solution
  Bug Fix   Phone Number Field

With CRM 2013, Microsoft change the phone number fields to have a phone Format. Our solution was changing the format back to Text.


  Bug Fix   Form Capture Radio Buttons

Radio buttons on form capture were not overwriting in CRM if that option was selected. 


  Bug Fix   ClickDimensions Version Number

In Auto Update the version for 5.0.1 was showing as 5.1 which made it think there was a newer version when there was not.



5.0.3 [December 13, 2013] 

Notes: Solution file is for CRM 2013 only.

  Bug Fix   Import Error In CRM 2013, resolved an error caused by Microsoft making the new field "leftvoicemail" and managed field. When updating ClickDimensions some got the error "A managed solution cannot overwrite a OptionSet component on the target system that has an unmanaged base instance.  The most likely scenario for this error is that an unmanaged solution has installed a new unmanaged OptionSet component on the target system, and now a managed solution from the same publisher is trying to install that same OptionSet component as managed.  This will cause an invalid layering of solutions on the target system and is not allowed." Solution
  Bug Fix   iFrames not showing In CRM 2013 resolved an error caused by Microsoft that no longer recognized our iFrames. So the HTML Version and Text Version windows wouldn't show in the Email Send or Email Template for example. Solution
  Bug Fix   Sitemaps Removed the Resources and Workplace sections of our Sitemap because CRM 2013 does not have those sections. Solution
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    Malcolm McAuley

    Allison, I have a couple of quick questions about updates of this nature...

    1) these are obviously changes that happened in short order to fix some odd behaviours in the system - am I correct in assuming that the normal update cadence is quarterly?

    2) regardless of the answer above, if we've made customizations to any of the Click entities on our end, are updates as you've outlined here going to reverse those changes which we'd have to go back in an re-apply (namely added fields to forms like events / event participation).

    I ask because we're toying with the idea of using the Event portion, but we need some additional fields, but I don't want to do that if I need to constantly update after Click is updated.

    Thanks Allison!


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    Allison Macedo

    Hi Malcolm,

    1. Yes the big releases with new features are quarterly like the first one on this page (5.0.0). We usually have a couple between those to fix bugs and small needed improvements (like the other three listed on this page).

    2. If you put your fields in a new Section of the form on the entity they will not be overwritten but if you put them in a section that already exists the chances are higher that they will be removed from the form. Even if they are removed from the form you do not lose any data but you would need to put the field back on the form.

    I hope that helps!

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