Release Notes Version 5.0.4 [January 15, 2014]

Release Notes Version 5.0.4 [First updated: January 15, 2014]

5.0.4 [January 15, 2014]

Note: CRM 2011 requires Update Rollup 12 in order to update to version 5.0.4 of ClickDimensions

UPDATE 5.0.5 (February 6, 2014) - Release with improved localizations

  Improvement New SMS Provider Added another SMS Provider - Bulk SMS - to cover more of the world for SMS. Read more here.  Cloud
  Improvement WebEx Integration This will connect to your CRM bringing in your webinars and attendees like the GoToWebinar connector will. Read more here.


  Improvement Social Profile*

Social Profile LinkedIn Integration has been updated. You can now set up a connector to LinkedIn so it will search the LinkedIn database as if you were logged into LinkedIn.

*This no longer works and will be removed in the Oct 2014 release because LinkedIn has limited their API access.

  Improvement Posted Form Excel Report You can now export a report on your Posted Forms that will list each submission in one row. Read more here. Solution
  Improvement Azure Service Bus - Beta ClickDimensions has developed a Service Bus Relay Connector (SBRC) that works with both CRM 2011 and CRM 2013 on-premise deployments to connect the ClickDimensions application in Microsoft Windows Azure. The SBRC provides highly secure integration between ClickDimensions and on-premises CRM deployments. The SBRC is being released for limited beta-testing in January prior to general availability later this quarter.  Cloud
  Improvement Form Coder Added a button in the Form Designer for Form Coder to add CSS and JavaScript to your form. Read more here. Cloud 
  Improvement Removed Profile Entity We had an entity called Profile that did nothing, so we removed it from the solution. Solution
  Improvement Cloned Record Owner When someone clones a record (Email Sends, Email Templates, Web Content), the person who cloned it becomes the owner of the new record that is created. Solution
  Improvement JQuery Version There has been an update to the version of JQuery so we've updated ours to reflect that change.  Cloud
  Improvement Error Trace Changed the time stamps to be 24 hours so it is easy to tell exactly what time an error occurred.  Cloud
  Improvement Events Industry field is added to Events and the Industry comes in if you request that on the signup form. Solution


  Bug Fix   Send Email function on Leads/Contacts In CRM 2013 the Send Email button on the Lead and Contact records was not functioning correctly.  Solution
  Bug Fix   Captcha Formatting The color and text formatting was stripped in the last update, it has now been added back. Cloud 
  Bug Fix   Date Field When the Date field was set to the format of m/d/y and the user entered a date with a single digit day like 11/05/13 it would come into CRM as 05/11/13.  Cloud
  Bug Fix   Social Sharing In Internet Explorer 10 if in the social sharing dialog in the editors you chose to upload your own image there was a script error. Cloud 
  Bug Fix   Application Security A change was made to prevent the possibility of script-injection in the email template designers. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Resource Center The Resource Center ClickDimensions link was not working in CRM 2011. Solution 
  Bug Fix   Drag&Drop - URL When adding a URL in the drag and drop editor it had a character limit of 100. That has been resolved. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Survey Text and Text Area Fields A space would automatically be in these fields and if the field  Cloud
  Bug Fix   Text Block - Block Editor In Firefox if enough information was put in the text block of the block editor a scroll bar did not appear and the tabs at the bottom disappeared. Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

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    Jeffrey Balmeo

    Do you know that the Captcha feature does not work on mobile?

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    Courtney Smith

    Hi Jeffery,

    We are aware that the slider doesn't currently slide on mobile devices, but you can still tap the lock icon to submit the captcha. We recommend customizing the captcha text to let customers know this. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Paul McFate

    Is there a plan to fix the Captcha on mobile soon?  

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    Mariken Bakkers

    Do you provide other Captcha options? e.g. Im not a robot (opt-in)?

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