Release Notes Version 6.0.0 [ April 16, 2014]

6.0.0 [April 16, 2014]

Note: CRM 2011 requires Update Rollup 8 in order to update to version 6.0.0 of ClickDimensions.

For instructions on out how to update see this article.

  Improvement Social Sharing - Drag and Drop Editor Added the social sharing feature to the newest editor - Drag and Drop. Read more here. Cloud
  Improvement Clone Nurtures Just like the clone feature in Email Templates, Email Sends, and Web Content, you can now clone nurture programs. Read More here.


  Improvement Multiple Connectors You can now connect multiple GoToWebinar and WebEx accounts to your ClickDimensions/CRM. Read More here. Solution
  Improvement Email Notification Action - Email address field With the Email Notification Action on web content records you can now put any email address (you are not limited to just users in your CRM). Read more here. Cloud
  Improvement New Action: Remove From Marketing List Similar to Add to Marketing List, there is a new action to remove the record from a Marketing List upon the submission of a web content record. Read more here. Cloud
  Improvement Email Statistics to PDF Report The graphical statistics shown in a sent Email Send record can now be exported to a PDF report. Read more here. Solution
  Improvement Reply To Address on Email Sends You can now choose to have a different Reply To email address. Rather than all replies and out of office emails going to the From Email Address. Read more here. Solution
  Improvement Google Analytics Code When a campaign is associated to an Email Send, we automatically add the code for Google Analytics to the URLs. You now have the option to turn that off. Read more here. Solution
  Improvement Usage Charts The usage charts have been upgrade to be much more readable and you can set a date range. Read more here. Cloud
  Improvement EU Database In addition to our United States Database, we've added a European Database. Read more here.  
  Improvement BulkSMS BulkSMS has some different logins. In addition to International we now also support South Africa. Read more here. Cloud/Solution


  Bug Fix 1804 Check Box Field The field wouldn't submit if it was set to required and the box was checked.  Cloud (Updated in February)
  Bug Fix 1814 Widget CSS Our widget CSS was affecting all paragraph <p> tags on the web page. Cloud (Updated in March)
  Bug Fix 1829 Date Field When the Date field was set to the format of m/d/y and the user entered a date with a single digit day like 11/05/13 it would come into CRM correctly, but then flip in the contact/lead record to 05/11/13.  Cloud (Updated in March)
  Bug Fix 1686 Social Sharing Custom Icon Adding a custom icon in the social sharing options from Internet Explorer 10 it would result in a script error. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1644 Drag and Drop Grey bar In the drag and drop editor, if you used one of the sidebar layouts there would be a grey bar on the side of the header and/or footer. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1310 Email Send Campaign Name If the campaign name had any special characters it could ruin the URLs in the email. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1680 Layout Manager The Layout Manager was not loading in the Free Style Editor when using IE 9. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1796 Widget Web Content There were some issues with the JQuery that caused the forms to look different. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1870 Widget JavaScript Variables We made the variables in our code more unique to avoid conflicts with other code. If this is a problem for you currently, replace the widget code with what now shows in the embed area of the designer. [v8 became v9] Cloud
  Bug Fix 1843 Connectors The Username field was always set to N/A. Switched this to Connector Name and filled it out. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Sent On field This field was not being filled out in CRM 4.0 Solution
  Bug Fix 1861 Form Report There were some errors with the Form Report exporting. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1930 GoToWebinar If you did a Practice in GoToWebinar it would create a new event and new event participation records for it. We will not import those now. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Connectors The passwords were being cleared to mask them, even though they were still there. We have changed it to show dots instead of nothing at all. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1917 Security Roles The ClickDimensions Service Role was missing privileges to Create and Assign Contacts in CRM 4.0 Solution
  Bug Fix 1714 Form Date and Time field The Date and Time field was not always showing the sliders for the time and date on the bottom. Cloud
  Bug Fix 1819 Widgets For a few sites, the java script was being stripped out where that didn't happen before. Cloud
  Bug Fix 436 Landing Page Free Style Editor If the window was resized smaller the editor buttons would not move in order to show them all at the same time. Cloud


  Change Nurtures You cannot delete a nurture program CRM record any more. This is so that you do not delete nurtures that are still running. You can deactivate them and reuse them. If you want to end a nurture be sure to press Cancel in the builder area. Solution

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

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PDF of slides is attached.

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