Microsoft Online Service Disruption - North America

UPDATE 22 July 2014 1:12PM EST: Microsoft reports "Service restored" for CRM Online

UPDATE 22 July 2014: Microsoft is again reporting a "Service Interruption" for some CRM Online orgs in North America.

Microsoft experienced intermittent service disruptions to CRM Online yesterday, July 17, 2014 and is again experiencing them today. This is causing ClickDimensions to be unable to connect to CRM Online customers in North America periodically. Users may see errors when attempting to design email templates or forms, when trying to send emails, or initiate nurture programs. If ClickDimensions is trying to synchronize data to the effected CRM organizations, our system will automatically retry every hour for up to 1 week to ensure no data is lost.

We have also inquired with Microsoft about this interruption and the expected duration.

You can log into your Office 365 portal to view the service dashboard to see if your CRM Online organization is effected, and to open a support ticket with Microsoft:


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