Release Notes Version 6.3.0 [October 14, 2014] - 6.4.0

6.3.0 [October 15, 2014]

Note: CRM 2011 requires Update Rollup 8 in order to update to version 6.3.0 of ClickDimensions.

For instructions on out how to update see this article.

  Improvement Locking Blocks Individual blocks in the Drag and Drop editor can be locked for editing. This is all based on a security role so you must download the new solution of ClickDimensions for this feature to fully function. The security role is "ClickDimensions Lock Email Block". Read More. Cloud/Solution
  Improvement Custom URLs - Web Content The name of the pages can be changed so that the end of the URL is not a bunch of random letters and numbers. Read More. Cloud
  Improvement Marketing List Workflow Assembly

In CRM Workflows you will now see an option to "Update Marketing List Members". This will allow you to use a Workflow to add a contact or lead to a static marketing list or remove someone from a marketing list. This makes it easy to automatically start them on a Nurture Program among other actions. Read More

**If you are on CRM 2011 this requires Update Rollup 12 or higher or you may use the Plugin Registration tool to change the isolation mode to "None".

**Not available for CRM 4.0

  Improvement Error Screens We have changed the 4 most common error screens to more friendly looking screens with instructions on how to resolve the issues. Cloud
  Improvement Image Manager In the Drag and Drop editor there are now hierarchical folders (folders can be created within folders).  Cloud


  Bug Fix 9863 Form Report If there were two fields with the same name on the Form Report it would leave out one of those columns.  Cloud
   Bug Fix 12650 Posted Forms The IP Organization field on the Posted Form records was not being filled out. Cloud
   Bug Fix 10087 Email Template The preview would show the text left aligned and larger in Internet Explorer in CRM 2011 Cloud
  Bug Fix 14239 Scoring The Total Score was not being updated for EU data center. Cloud
  Bug Fix 14159 Matching Logic The matching logic was allowing records to be associated to deactivated leads in some cases. Cloud
  Bug Fix   Eventbrite There were some issues with all events not coming in or events being duplicated. We made some changes that should fix all of these issues. Cloud


  Change LinkedIn Connector The LinkedIn connector was removed because LinkedIn limited their API access. There is still social discovery based on the email address in the Email Address 1 field. This does not require any connector and any setup. Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

Watch the Overview Video:

Slides are attached.

6.4.0 [November 1, 2014]

Note: CRM 2011 requires Update Rollup 8 in order to update to version 6.4.0 of ClickDimensions.

For instructions on out how to update see this article.

  Improvement Inability to reactivate Email Sends Because the Email Send is a CRM record it automatically has the ability to deactivate and reactivate the record. Doing this is how the email is sent. Some people reactivate emails to change something and then hit send again which sends the email twice. We have removed the ability to reactivate an email send to avoid this situation. You must download the new solution for this to work. Solution

Cloud Update [November 6, 2014]

This update was made automatically for everyone over the cloud. There were no changes to the solution file.

  Bug Fix 12615 Split Test Subjects with the quote characters ' and " would sometimes cause problems with setting up a Split Test. Cloud
   Bug Fix 14717 RSS to Email SharePoint RSS feed URLs were not being accepted Cloud
   Bug Fix 14445 Error Screens Fixed some error screens Cloud
  Bug Fix 14443 WebEx If there was a large number of registrants (>1500) they might not all come in. We have fixed this issue. Cloud
  Bug Fix 14635 Custom HTML Editor The insert subscription button was not working in Firefox. Cloud
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  • 0
    Carol Eckert

    This is the first time I'll be updating CD.  I'm set for manual updates because we do have customizations to our core records.  I know when we did the initial install, I created a solution to hold those cusotmizations so I could reimport them.  My question is, if we modified/created new views for CD entities (emails sends/posted forms...), and added options to option sets, will those be overwritten when I update to the latest version?

  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Hi Carol,

    Good questions! If you modified the out of the box ClickDimensions views, those will be over written, but if you added your own views, those will still be there. If you edited ClickDimensions out of the box fields those could be overwritten. If you added your own fields the fields will still be there and the data will still be there. Depending on where you put the new fields, you may need to add them back to the form to make them visible. If you put your own fields in a new Section of the form then they will most likely still be there and require no additional steps to get them back on the view. Let us know if you have any additional questions!

  • 0
    Carol Eckert

    Great...that gives me what I need.

  • 0
    Kevin Burke

    In the July Release Notes document ( it states an improvement as "Removed components that overwrite system forms, views and fields on Account, Contacts, Leads and Marketing Lists." I read that as saying we no longer have to back up entities before installing a new version, like we have to in the past. Am I correct and is that still the case with this October release?




  • 0
    Allison Macedo

    Hi Kevin,

    Yes, that is true still true - your forms, views, and fields on the Account, Contact, Lead, and Marketing List will not be changed. It is always a good idea to backup your system before installing any new solution though. A couple things to keep in mind are:

    1. If you have changed the names of Leads, Contacts, or Accounts (the entity) it will change back to those default names because there is not a way for us not to change those. However, you can also just change those labels back after importing if you have changed them.

    2. Entity definitions for Accounts, Contacts, and Leads are changed any time you import/update any solution. This includes Auditing being turned off and Duplicate Detection rules being unpublished. You can turn those back on  and republish those rules.

  • 0
    Munir Remahl

    I would like to add to Allison's comment that any customised Relationship Cascade settings will also be reset.

  • 0
    Alistair Mackay

    Hi Allison, regarding the "Inability to reactivate Email Sends" improvement, what is the recommended method if we have scheduled an email send to go then notice something in error we want to change and schedule again?

  • 0
    Rhys Saraceni

    Hello Alistair

    The best course of action in that scenario would be to cancel the Email Send, clone it, make whatever changes you need, then send the clone. The following article discusses how you can cancel an Email Send:

  • 0
    Alan Smith

    My Dynamics CRM partner, who also is a ClickDimensions partner, is recommending this process for implementing a new version of the ClickDimensions solution. Comments?

    1. Back up all unmanaged solutions
    2. Uninstall the ClickDimensions solution
    3. Publish to ensure there is no reference to the uninstalled solution
    4. Import the new ClickDimensions solution
    5. Publish
    6. Reimport the ONA specific unmanaged solutions – this is to ensure no  sitemap or form updates from ClickDimensions overwrite the ONA specific configurations
    7. Publish
    8. Test and verify Items are functioning properly after the updated ClickDimensions solution has been installed
  • 0
    Matthew Wittemann

    Alan, Please do NOT uninstall our solution. If you uninstall a managed solution, it deletes the entities contained in that solution, which also means all your data in those entities will be deleted. You would lose all the email templates, forms, etc., that you have designed in ClickDimensions, as well as all the page views, visits, email events, etc.

    All you need to do any time you update a managed solution is ensure you have your own customizations backed up. To be thorough of course, you can also back up your SQL Server database if you have on-premise CRM. But really, you should be fine just exporting your own customizations in an unmanaged solution for the entities that are also part of our solution. We add fields to the Account, Contact, and Lead entities. We also add custom forms to the Contact and Lead. And we add a button to the Marketing List entity. If you have customized any of these four entities, you can add them to a temporary solution, and export that temporary solution as unmanaged as a backup. After updating ClickDimensions, if any of your customizations have been changed, you can re-import your unmanaged solution to restore your customizations.

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