EU Data Center - Email Statistics Updating Slowly

We are currently investigating an issue with customers who are deployed in our EU data center. Email Events are syncing slowly to customers' CRM databases. Emails are being sent out normally.

Impacted customers may see that, after sending an email, the statistics (Email Events and Sent Email records, as well as statistics reports) do not update, or update very slowly.

This issue has been occurring for some EU customers since January 12 and we are working to return data synchronization to normal speeds as urgently as possible. Additional updates will be posted here as this issue progresses. We apologize for any inconvenience.

NOTE: To tell if your ClickDimensions account is deployed in the EU data center and might be impacted by this, you can open an Email Template designer. If the URL begins with https://app-eu.clickdimensions... (note the '-eu' part of the URL), then your account is hosted in our EU data center and may be subject to this issue.

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    Flemming Bækdal

    Hi Matt.

    Please keep us updated regarding this. One of my client haven't received any tracking from a Event invitation sent yesterday.

    /Flemming - For A Fact

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    Matthew Wittemann

    Data synchronization is now occuring at normal rates for EU data center customers. The majority of EU data center customers should now see data catching up for their recent Email Sends. Depending on the volume of data for your implementation, it may take some time to catch up completely.

    We are continuing to work on a related issue for a subset of EU data center customers where the data that is syncing may be incorrect (for example, showing both a delivery and a bounce for a given recipient, even when there was no bounce). Work is underway to correct this and it should be completed within the next couple of days.

    To mitigate issues like this in the future, we have already deployed systems to enable deeper logging of issues with data synchronization, and to minimize the number of customers impacted when there is an issue so that it can be isolated to just the impacted data synchronization queues.

    Again, we apologize for the inconvenience.

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    Stina Hald

    We seem to be experiencing this again. We sent a newsletter to ~7000 members yesterday and another one to ~500 today. We have no statistics on either.

    The one from yesterday appears to have been sent to excluded emails only. I did receive some auto-replies and both my collegues and myself received the newsletter, so we expect it has been sent as it should be.

    Could you let me know if this is a general issue?

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    Matthew Wittemann

    Hi Stina,

    There is no general issue. I would recommend you open a support request so our team can help you investigate.

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