Release Notes Version 6.6.0 [April 28, 2015]

6.6.0 [April 28, 2015]

Note: CRM 2011 requires Update Rollup 8 in order to update to version 6.5.1 of ClickDimensions.

Note: Not all features are available for CRM 4.0, specifics are below.

For instructions on out how to update see this article.

  Improvement ClickDimensions Import

The new import tool will allow for importing contacts and leads into CRM and doing any or all of these options: Add all to a marketing list, remove all from a marketing list, add all as event participation records on an event, just import the contacts/leads. It will map fields and match to existing based on email. Read more. *This is available for CRM 2011, 2013, and 2015 only.

NOTE: Using the import tool in an environment that restricts access to CRM to only designated IP addresses requires adding a new IP to your firewall's allowed list. See here for more.

  Improvement Web Responsive Web Content Toggle In January we made forms, surveys, and subscription management pages responsive. We added a toggle to allow you to turn this on and off. Read More. *This is available for CRM 2011, 2013, and 2015 only. Solution
  Improvement Logging Tools

We have greatly improved the Error Trace that you see in ClickDimensions Settings to include errors on other features as well as the ability to search. Read More.

  Improvement Background Color on Individual Blocks (D&D)

In the drag and drop editor we have added the ability to have a background color on a single block. Read More.



  Bug Fix 25386 Block Editor Images would not resize to fit blocks. Cloud
  Bug Fix 19152 CRM For Outlook Mapping a Form Field would give a JavaScript error. Solution
  Bug Fix 7933 Email Statistics The Unique Click stat in the "Email Statistics" iFrame did not match the Unique Click stat in the Click Report. Solution
  Bug Fix 17121 Email Templates The Text Version iFrame was not pasting all content as plain text. Cloud
  Bug Fix 18678 Email Templates Some images were not displaying in Outlook. Cloud
  Bug Fix 12032 Event Connector "Quantity" field on Event Participation's created by Eventbrite was always set to "1". Cloud
  Bug Fix 16555 Event Connector GoToWebinar Events were not syncing. Cloud
  Bug Fix 17204 Event Connector Eventbrite Events were being set to "Cancelled" when the service was down. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20509 Event Connector GoToWebinar Events were sometimes cancelled in CRM while not cancelled in GTW. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9084 Form Adding CAPTCHA was changing the width of Text Form Fields. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9085 Form Adding a File Upload Component was changing line spacing. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9103 Form Date Fields weren't auto-populating. Cloud
  Bug Fix 25188 Form Widget CAPTCHA was not showing in Internet Explorer 10. Cloud
  Bug Fix 8005 Landing Page CSS in email header was being moved to the body. Cloud
  Bug Fix 18192 Landing Page Changing an Image Block's background size did not work. Cloud
  Bug Fix 15760 Nurture Program When using Internet Explorer 8, clicking the "Settings" button for any step would refresh the page. Solution
  Bug Fix 16087 Nurture Program Sending an Email Template containing Freemarker would cause a render error. Solution
  Bug Fix 19616 RSS to Email RSS to Email Connector was not saving changes. Cloud
  Bug Fix 23198 SMS Text Message replies were being created with "Draft" status. Cloud
  Bug Fix 16104 Split Test Editing Version B would always copy A version, even if Version B had been previously edited. Solution
  Bug Fix 9102 Subscription Page Subscription Pages were not accepting email addresses containing a "+". (*Must create a new subscription page to fix) Cloud
  Bug Fix 21187 Subscription Page The "Submit" button's alignment could not be changed. (*Must create a new subscription page to fix) Cloud
  Bug Fix 18552 Survey "Next" and "Previous" buttons were in left column when "Submit" button was in center or right column. Cloud
  Bug Fix 19188 Survey Skip Logic on List Survey Questions did not work. Cloud
  Bug Fix 21788 Survey Survey Question text was very large and not easily changed. Cloud
  Bug Fix 21214 Survey Section Title font size would not change. Cloud
  Bug Fix 22271 Survey "Previous" button was ignoring Skip Logic. Cloud
  Bug Fix 16387 Template Editors Text Version was not taking up the whole iFrame window. Cloud
  Bug Fix 21479 Template Editors When setting an image as a link to a website, the website URL was being replaced with the image source URL. Cloud
  Bug Fix 9544 Test Email Microsite and Unsubscribe links in test emails sent via Azure would give an error. Cloud
  Bug Fix 7930 Web Content Cloning a Form would set the original Form's overall font as the font for each Form Field in the Clone. Solution
  Bug Fix 18553 Web Content "Delete" key does not work in HTML Component in Internet Explorer. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20276 Web Content Could not see HTML Component "Ok" and "Cancel" buttons in IE9. Cloud
  Bug Fix 20729 Web Content Surveys and Forms embedded as widgets were displaying incorrectly. (*Must re-save in the designer to fix) Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

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