Release Notes Version 6.7.0 [July 20, 2015] - 6.7.1

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​6.7.0 [July 20, 2015]

Note: We recommend Update Rollup 12 or newer for CRM 2011 to update ClickDimensions to this release.

Note: Not all features are available for CRM 4.0, specifics are below.

For instructions on out how to update see this article.

  Improvement Australia Data Center The ClickDimensions cloud application is now fully deployed to Microsoft’s Azure data center in Australia. This allows new accounts in the APAC region to integrate with the ClickDimensions application in Australia. (ClickDimensions is also available from Microsoft Azure data centers in the US and EU.) N/A​​
  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor: Pull Content from Web Page Put in a URL and automatically pull in content from that web page into the block you are in. This will pull from specific tags in the header of the webpage including the title, text content, and an image. Read More. Cloud
  Improvement Drag and Drop Images and Files into Managers

In the Drag and Drop and Free Style email editors, the Free Style Landing Page editor, and the HTML Component editor for Web Content you can now easily upload multiple images or files at the same time. Read More.

*Note this feature is not available when using Internet Explorer 9 or below.

  Improvement Email Send: Changed "Reply To" label Changed the "Reply To" label on the Email Send record to  to "Reply To Email Address" to be more clear. Solution
  Improvement Email Send Status After you send your email, click the Refresh Status button to see what stage the email is in currently. Read More.
​*This is available for CRM 2011, 2013, and 2015 only.​
  Improvement Email Sends ​Updated service to ensure consistent processing and mitigate issues such as duplicate sends due to CRM workflow issues

Cloud/ Solution

  Improvement Email Send Subject Field We increased the field character limit to 450 characters. Solution
​Improvement Error Logging ​Adding better error messages for Eventbrite Connector errors. Cloud​
  Improvement FreeMarker If you are using the <#list> function in ​FreeMarker and you send a test email, it will populate the actual data that should be in the list. Cloud
  Improvement Image Manager Now shows the dimensions of the image and when it was uploaded. Cloud
  Improvement Preheader Text Preheader Text is the text that shows up as the third line in the list of emails in an inbox. Read more​.
*This is available for CRM 2011, 2013, and 2015 only.
  Improvement RSS to Email Update Some blogs use <content> tags we are now checking for those when you choose to show the full post in the email. *You must redo your RSS connector to get this to work if this applies to you.​ Cloud
​  Improvement Web Tracking & Google Tag Manager Updated our tracking script so that it will work in the Google Tag Manager with Univsersal Google Analytics at the same time. Cloud


  Bug Fix 12324 Action: Auto Responder The Auto Responder action on forms, surveys, and subscription pages was always sending that auto responder email to the Email Address 1 field even if they submitted the form with a different address.  Cloud
  Bug Fix 30521 Block Email Editor If save was pressed before choosing a layout you would get an empty error message. Cloud 
  Bug Fix 22839 Drag and Drop Email Editor: Dividers The dividers sometimes changed sizes once the email when out. Cloud
  Bug Fix 38783 Email Pro​cessing A fix has been deployed to work around an issue with Microsoft Azure Auto-scaling that causes delays in processing when Azure auto-scaling of resources fails and must re-try.​ Cloud
​​  Bug Fix   Email Send ​​In some cases, when sending to more than your Microsoft Dyanmics CRM Aggregate Query Limit it wouldn't let you send because it was trying to count the number of people for the confirmation page.​ We have made a change to how this is calculated to avoid this CRM limit.​ Cloud
​​  Bug Fix 26705 Error Logging The icon for SMS Errors was wrong. Cloud
​​​  Bug Fix 25949 Event Participation 
The "Lead" field was showing as "Lead Source". (CRM 2011 only)
  Bug Fix 29783 Form Capture Form Capture was not accepting email addresses that began with a capital letter or had an unscore symbol right before the @.​​ Cloud
  Bug Fix 17181 Form Capture The email field was not accepting some email address endings. Cloud
  Bug Fix 18473 Form Capture The "Lead" field was showing as "Lead Source". (CRM 2011 only) Solution
  Bug Fix 18206 HTML Component The text was not showing if a font size was not specifically set. (EU region only) Cloud
  Bug Fix 26828 Image Manager Uploading an image with the same name as an image that was previously deleted would upload the deleted one. Cloud​
​  Bug Fix 26775 Inbox Preview  Android 4.0.3 and Android Gmail were throwing an error. Cloud
  Bug Fix 26849 Import If you selected an event, the link to the event was broken so you couldn't open the event record from within the Import Wizard. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31720 Responsive Design: Web Content Radio buttons were not displaying correctly when the form, survey, or subscription page was viewed on a mobile device.  Cloud
  Bug Fix 31312/19002 Responsive Design: Web Content Checkbox labels were not responsive if it was a longer label.  Cloud
  Bug Fix 31311 Responsive Design: Web Content  Section titles were not responsive.  Cloud
  Bug Fix 12236 RSS To Email  The Social Link hover box was off by several pixels  Cloud
  Bug Fix 26735 Surveys If you previewed the survey without saving first - the preview was a little off. Cloud
  Bug Fix 19316 Surveys: Skip Logic If there was a required radio button that was skipped due to skip logic - the survey would not allow you to continue. Cloud
  Bug Fix 38753 Surveys: Skip Logic If there was a required checkbox that was skipped due to skip logic - the survey would not allow you to continue. Cloud
  Bug Fix 11323 Tracking Script Some variables were conflicting with Google Analytics​ Cloud
 ​ Bug Fix 31721  WebEx The Status and Approval Status fields were not always getting updated. Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.​

Security Role Updates​​​​

There were a few updates to our security roles. See the full article here​.

ClickDimensions Core Changes​
Previously had "Create" on "Run Nurture" and now has no privileges for "Run Nurture". (This will only take affect on new solution files, if you'd like to remove this privilege from the role you will need an administrator to remove the privilege and save the security role)

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
Previously only had "Create" on "Run Nurture" and now has every option selected at the Organization level.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.​​


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​6.7.1 [July 22, 2015]

  Bug Fix   Email Send Status The Email Send status was not updating. Solution

Cloud Update [August 3, 2015]

  Bug Fix 41677 Drag and Drop Editor There was no padding on text type blocks. Cloud
  Bug Fix 41716 Drag and Drop Images/Files This was not working with IE9 so the change was rolled back and you must click to upload for IE9. Cloud


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