Release Notes Version 7.0.0 [November 2015] - 7.0.4

7.0.0 [November 2015]

Note: We recommend Update Rollup 12 or newer for CRM 2011 to update ClickDimensions to this release.

Note: Improvements are not available for CRM 4.0.

For instructions on out how to update see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick.

  Improvement Campaign Automations The campaign automation builder will allow you to setup different paths based on actions taken by a lead or contact. Actions can be triggered when the contact/lead is added to a CRM marketing list, submits a form, or opens or clicks on a specific email. Read more. Note: new IP Addresses will need to be allowed through your firewall if you use one. They are listed here. Solution
  Improvement Multiple Email CNAMEs If you have multiple brands and have a different domain for each of those you can now have each domain as an option to brand your links in emails. Read More. Solution
  Improvement Radio Survey Question "other" option

Radio button survey questions can now have an "Other" option. This allows the person filling out the survey to type in their own answer if the options given do not suffice. This is a new option in the Survey Questions area. Read More.

  Improvement Posted Web Content

You can now see all Posted Forms, Posted Surveys, and Posted Subscriptions that are related to a CRM Campaign on the Campaign without having to edit the navigation for Campaigns.

  Improvement CRM 2015 Navigation Icons

The icons have been re-sized for the 2015 navigation so they show correctly.

  Improvement Preheader to Quick Send

The preheader has been added to the Quick Send feature. This is a cloud update but you must have solution version 6.7.1+ to have preheader.



  Bug Fix 10701 Email Send The SpamAssassin report in test emails sent by Azure accounts would always display a NO_RELAYS rule. Cloud
  Bug Fix 11367 Email Template Mobile Preview contained extra padding on text. Cloud
  Bug Fix 41677/ 43089 Email Template Drag & Drop Text Block had some issues with padding and line spacing. Cloud
  Bug Fix 41773 Email Template The "Get Content from Web" feature would not display any error message in Firefox if the page you were trying to pull from had no OG properties. Cloud
  Bug Fix 44390 Email Template Drag & Drop Text Block content was too far to the left. Cloud
  Bug Fix 12033 Event Connectors Event Participation's "Approval Status" field had a default value of "Waiting." Cloud
  Bug Fix 7974 Form Fields Text Area Fields would always submit a blank space if there was no content in the field. Cloud
  Bug Fix 31315 Import Tool Email address containing multiple subdomains would fail to import. Cloud
  Bug Fix 8043 InboxCast InboxCast Email Sends generated via Outlook contained incorrect fonts. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42551 RSS to Email Some RSS feed URLs were not working. Cloud
  Bug Fix 49783 Web Content Forms contained mixed content. i.e. References to both secure and unsecured content. *You must save the form in the designer to fix this issue. Cloud


  Change Excluded Emails Previously there was a limit to how many Excluded Emails could be synced for performance reasons. We have improved the performance and removed this limit Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

Security Role Updates

There were a few updates to our security roles. See the full article here.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes

ClickDimensions User Changes
New entities added with permissions. Campaign Automation and Email CNAMEs have the following permissions: Create (full), Read (full), Write (full), Append (Business Unit), Append To (Business Unit), Assign (Business Unit), Share (Business Unit)

ClickDimensions Service Changes
New entities added with permissions. Campaign Automation and Email CNAMEs have full permissions.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

New IP Addresses were added for the Campaign Automation builder. If your company blocks IP Addresses you will need to allow one of the following depending on which data center your ClickDimensions is located. See this article for full documentation on IP Addresses.




New IP Addresses were also added for the Power BI Content Pack.



7.0.1 [November 15, 2015]

  Bug Fix   Security Roles Missing Permissions Permissions were missing on the new entities: Email CNAME and Campaign Automation Solution

7.0.2 [November 25, 2015]

  Bug Fix   Plug-ins missing steps The plug-in for Campaign Automation was missing the steps.  Solution

Plug-in Updates

Campaign Automation: if the status of the Campaign Automation record is changed in CRM (deactivate, reactivate, or delete) it will change the status of the Campaign Automation accordingly.

7.0.3 [December 1, 2015]

  Bug Fix   Plug-ins There was an issue where some plugins were unable to load causing an error. Solution

7.0.4 [December 6, 2015]

  Bug Fix   Survey Radio Other For CRM 2011 there was an error when you switched "Included Other Option" to "yes". Solution
  Bug Fix   AddMembersList Plugin Some environments were getting an error referencing the AddMembersList Plugin. Solution
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