Resolved: Apparent Azure outage at Microsoft

It appears that some of Microsoft's Azure resources are currently inaccessible. Microsoft's service health dashboard for Azure is also unreachable, so we do not have further details at this time, but we are investigating. As a result of the apparent Azure outage, our application is experiencing intermittent outages as well. We will post further updates as they become available.

***********UPDATE 29 Dec 2015 4:02pm EST:

Microsoft has posted an update on their Azure Service Health dashboard, which is accessible from some regions. Microsoft update is as follows:

Starting at 29 Dec, 2015 20:30 UTC a subset of customers using Azure services may experience intermittent connectivity issues due to an underlying Network issue. Engineers are actively engaged and working on a mitigation for the issue. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes, or as event warrant.


***********UPDATE 29 Dec 2015 4:10pm EST:

Microsoft now says they are "seeing improvements to service availability and are currently validating overall system health."


***********UPDATE 29 Dec 2015 4:19pm EST:

Azure Service Health Dashboard is accessible from most regions unless there is a local caching problem. You can check it at


***********UPDATE 29 Dec 2015 4:30pm EST:

It appears that Azure resources are again accessible though we will continue to monitor the situation.

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