Release Notes Version 7.0.5 [January 2016]

7.0.5 [January 2016]

Note: We recommend Update Rollup 12 or newer for CRM 2011 to update ClickDimensions to this release.

Note: Improvements are not available for CRM 4.0.

For instructions on out how to update see this article. There is no additional charge to update and updating is quick. The column furthest to the right shows if the specific update was already automatically made for you (Cloud) or if you must update your solution file to get the update (Solution). 


  New Feature Cvent Connector A new event connector is available. The events and participants will come into the Event and Event Participations entities in CRM. You must have an account with Cvent first. Read more. Solution
  New Feature MessageNet Connector A new SMS connector is available. MessageNet is primarily used for the Australia and New Zealand areas. Read More. Solution


  Improvement Campaign Automation

The lookup boxes now have a refresh button.

  Improvement CRM 2015 Navigation Icons

The icons have been re-sized for the 2015 navigation so they show correctly.

  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor

The font and font size will show up for the defaults now.

  Improvement Drag and Drop Editor

The social sharing icons have been updated to be flat icons. And the Google+ icon to the new Google icon.

  Improvement Events

The form view in Event and Event Participation records will update to show only the fields that could be populated based on what type of event connector it is (Cvent, Eventbrite, GoToWebinar, or WebEx).

  Improvement Multiple Email CNAMEs

Email CNAME field has been added to the Send ClickDimensions Email workflow step.

  Improvement Social Profile

Improvements have been made to the social profile area. If you get the message that the request is queued it will automatically put the social links in the social URL fields on the contact or lead once it finds any information. Read More.

  Improvement Survey Radio Button

With the "other" option that was added in the previous release you can now choose a label for this field and use it in skip logic.

  Improvement Web Content

Surveys, Landing Pages, and Subscription Management pages can now be used as https pages if the iframe or widget is used or if you do not use a CNAME with a direct link.



  Bug Fix 12824 Auto Responder The auto responder would always sent to Email Address 1 even if the form, survey, or subscription was filled out with an email from Email Address 2 or 3 Cloud
  Bug Fix   Campaign Automations There was a slowness in loading the editor and in the execution. For some, some timers or triggers were not working properly Cloud
  Bug Fix 51516 Drag and Drop Editor In an image next to text block the text would go over the edge in responsive situations Cloud
  Bug Fix 50749 Email Send Spam Assassin Report In the Europe data center, the test email spam assassin report was always blank Cloud
  Bug Fix 47851 Eventbrite The Organizer Name and Organizer Description were not populating in CRM Cloud
  Bug Fix 31068 Eventbrite The registration status field was not being updated Cloud 
  Bug Fix 29788 Event Connectors If the time zone in the Event app was set to CST the time in CRM was not converted correctly Cloud 
  Bug Fix 43090 Forms Could not submit a form field that was mapped to a field where the schema name contained "options" Cloud
  Bug Fix 22171 Form Fields Hidden fields could not be mapped to two option fields Cloud
  Bug Fix 45221 Free Style Editor If you converted a Drag and Drop editor to a Free Style editor you could not add a hyperlink to the image in the hyperlink manager. Cloud
  Bug Fix 41773 Get Content From Web No error message would appear in Firefox if the page had no OG tags and could therefore not bring in content Cloud
  Bug Fix 51806 Image Manager In Internet Explorer 9 the Upload Image button did not work Cloud
  Bug Fix 51518 Import Tool Was validating zip codes. It will no longer validate them at all. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42830 Import Tool / Nurtures If you imported people and added them to a list and that list was connected to a nurture - it wasn't running the people through the nurture Cloud
  Bug Fix 18551 Landing Page Free Style Editor would rearrange CSS placed in the Source/HTML view Cloud
  Bug Fix 26975 Landing Page Block Editor: HTML block was always removing the first <div> Cloud
  Bug Fix 42716 Nurtures If you deleted a nurture and it was still running, it would continue running. Now you may not delete, you must deactivate. Solution
  Bug Fix 54273 Power BI Power BI was not working for the AU region Cloud
  Bug Fix 42551 RSS to Email WordPress feeds were not always working Cloud
  Bug Fix 12569 SMS Personalization menus were empty for some people Cloud
  Bug Fix 25538 SMS Editor and Text Version of Email Editor Personalization menus were blank if the base language was not English Cloud
  Bug Fix 31593 Survey Check box question with only one option could not be marked as required. Cloud
  Bug Fix 34344 Survey In the designer the search would not find questions with a ( in them. Cloud
  Bug Fix 42554 Survey Changing the overall font would only update the questions added to the designer in that page view session. Cloud
  Bug Fix 45248 Survey Empty text area question would submit a blank space. Cloud
  Bug Fix 8097 Survey Check Box A one option survey check box would show the Question Name instead of the Question Cloud
  Bug Fix 26712 Web Content Could not copy/paste in Confirmation Text windows or HTML Component Windows in Internet Explorer Cloud
  Bug Fix 56044 Web Content In AU region the designers would not look right after reopening the window. Cloud
  Bug Fix 47635 WebEx The Address 1 data was being mapped to both Street 1 and Street 2 fields in CRM. Cloud
  Bug Fix 47039 WebEx Some special characters would not come through to CRM for the First and Last Name fields. Cloud

Other small bug fixes and improvements were also implemented.

Security Role Updates

There were a few updates to our security roles. See the full article here.

ClickDimensions Core Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions User Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Service Changes
No changes.

ClickDimensions Lock Blocks Changes
No changes.

IP Address Additions

There are no new IP Addresses, but if you will use the Cvent connector and have not yet used an event connector you will need to allow that IP. The same goes for MessageNet if you have not previously used another SMS provider. Here is the list.


Release Overview Recorded Webinar


Cloud Update [March 13, 2016]

  Bug Fix   Campaign Automation There were some issues with Campaign Automations getting stuck for certain instances running through it. Fixes were uploaded for this. Cloud
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    Kristi Hill

    Hi! If we have already had the auto-update done for the items listed as "cloud" -- how do we go about manually applying the ones listed as "solution" ? Thanks.....

  • 0
    Rhys Saraceni

    Hi Kristi

    If you navigate to Settings > ClickDimensions Settings > Auto Update in your CRM, you will be presented with the option to either auto update your solution or to download the solution and manually update it. Either option will allow you to get the "solution" updates listed above.

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