Resolved: Connection error with some CRM 2016 environments

UPDATE 7 April 2016:

An update has been released to resolve this connection error. It is currently available in the EU, and being rolled out to the US and AU data centers in the coming weeks.


We are investigating a small number of reports regarding the inability to connect ClickDimensions to some Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 organizations following an upgrade to CRM 2016 from a previous version.

If you have already upgraded to CRM 2016 and have successfully connected with ClickDimensions, this issue will not impact you.

If you are planning to upgrade to CRM 2016 in the future, we recommend that, if possible, you first upgrade a test environment which is a copy of your production CRM environment, and conduct a test of ClickDimensions connectivity to the upgraded 2016 test environment to see if this issue will impact your organization.

After upgrading the test environment to CRM 2016, use the appropriate link below to test whether ClickDimensions can connect to your CRM 2016 organization:




If the connection test is unsuccessful, you will see an error similar to the following:

Metadata contains a reference that cannot be resolved: 'https://<orgname>.<>/XRMServices/2011/Organization.svc?wsdl=wsdl0'

(Note that this error can also occur if your Internet Facing Deployment is misconfigured. If you can connect the CRM Outlook client to your CRM from outside your corporate network with no VPN, but still encounter this error when testing ClickDimensions connectivity, then it is likely that your CRM 2016 organization is affected.)

Our team is working to identify the cause of this connection error in the impacted organizations and develop a plan to resolve it. This is expected to be a long-term investigation, so please post any questions as a new support request.

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