Upcoming Changes to the ClickDimensions Forum

UPDATE: As a reminder, we will be updating our forums on Monday, May 2. Attachments on existing posts will not carry over, so if there are any attachments you would like to reference, please do so before Monday.


ClickDimensions currently utilizes Zendesk for our Q&A, Feature Request, and Announcement forums, and Zendesk has required all users to migrate to the latest forum format within the next several months. In order to comply with this requirement, the ClickDimensions forum will soon be undergoing aesthetic and organizational changes. The new forum format will allow users to more easily navigate, find existing posts, and create new posts, but unfortunately the new forum format also does not support attachments. As such, any existing forum post including attachments will lose them once the update is complete. We plan to roll out the updated forum on May 2nd, 2016, so if there are any posts on our forum that include attachments that you would like to reference, please do so before May 2nd. 

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    Oswin Kroon

    How are we going to include screenshots for feature requests after May 2nd?

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    Rhys Saraceni

    Hello Oswin

    The new forum format does not allow attachments on posts, but it does allow images to be inserted directly into the post.

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